Thursday, January 5, 2012

Europe 2011 - Day 14 & 15 Going Home

Date of travel: 20-21 April 2011

After having stayed 2 weeks in Europe, it would seem like we have overstayed our welcome. This morning, it was as if we woke up to a different season. Everywhere was packed with people and made visiting tourist attractions difficult. Today involved buying all the things we missed out on and left for the last. They involved:
  • Fridge magnet souvenirs from Notre Dame
  • Macarons from Montparnasse
  • Possibly some ham/cheese from Bastille Market
Flea market at Bastille

White Asparagus were in season

Very sweet berries, i finished a tray on the spot

We cycled everywhere today, and succeeded on the first 2 items, but not the last. I didn't think it might have lasted the journey home, and thankfully we didn't, as the journey to the airport proved to be extremely tiring.

With the amount of luggage and stuff we had, we had been pondering on the option of taking a cab the next morning. Estimated cost for a taxi was €31-40. In the end we decided to opt for public transport which involved a metro train and then Orly bus. 5 very heavy bags in total to lug up and down the flights of staircases in metro stations was no joke at all.

When we finally got to Orly airport, we had to check-in and get our boarding passes (but do not checkin your bags yet), and then head to the Tax Refund office to show them your tax refund documents and the purchases if they wish to check. Once they chop the document, head back to the AirAsia check-in counter to drop-off your bags, and then head to the Travelmate counter to get your refund. Refund in cash will minus a processing fee. A tedious process, but well worth the trouble if you had bought a lot.

The luxury of Premium class: Can't see me hiding underneath!
After a good and long holiday, it was great to end it on AirAsia's Premium class, upgraded for RM500 each via optiontown .Being an overnight flight, we could sleep comfortably on the almost flat bed, and snuggle in the quilt and pillows loaned to us. A perfect way to end the holiday.

The crowds waiting for sunset

Bye Bye to beautiful Paris

Taken at Pont Neuf

P/S: At the Orly check-in counter, everyone were carrying LV and Longchamp paperbags containing their prized purchases. HH & I looked proudly at our Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles and Silit & WMF pots. Kakakakakakaka.

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