Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Free" Pick-A-Seat on AirAsia

AirAsia charges for seat allocation on all their flights. Prices for AirAsiaX are much higher than AirAsia, but nonetheless, there will be charges. When I travel on a short 1-2 hour flight journey, I normally don't mind where I am seated. As long as I am seated together with my traveling party. And there have been many cases where we were separated apart.

This is a loophole that I chanced upon awhile back. It still works till today. Remember my Phuket booking this morning? This is the steps to take.

1. Login to AirAsia and Manage My Booking

2. View the particular booking you wish to allocate seats
Before: No seat allocated

3. Click on "Web Check In Now"

4. Tick the To and Fro flights, and all the passenger names, and click Continue
Although my flight is 9 months away, you can still click Web Checkin Now

5. You will the allocated your seats. Click Cancel to cancel the Web Checkin
My seats: 10A & 10B for both ways

6. Then go back to Manage My Booking to View the booking
I did not pay for any seat allocation, but got a confirmed seat in my travel party of 2
7. If you were to simulate another booking, you will notice that seats 10A & 10B have now been crossed off.
Seats 10A & 10B can no longer be purchased by anyone

The conclusion is, the Web Check In system will allocate any empty seats from Row 10 onwards, on a first come first serve basis. To ensure that you are seated together, perform a mock booking to check whether there are indeed enough empty seats in a row for your traveling party. You may of course proceed to do the entire Web Check In process 9 months ahead of time even. But bear in mind, no changes can be made once Web Check In has been performed, for example cannot add meals, baggage, buy insurance, or cancel your plans and ask for a tax refund.

Please keep this a secret from AirAsia! Shhhhhh don't let them fix this yet. 


Anonymous said...

How long did u test out their system?

Angie said...

Since year 2002 haha. It's a hobby of mine to find loopholes all the time.

Anonymous said...

So you say the seats get blocked, but do they finally get allocated to you? And when do you get those seats confirmed? Check-in at airport or web-check in?

Is this work-around still successful today?

Angie said...

Once the seats are allocated to you, those are your confirmed seats. Whether you proceed to check-in on the web or at the airport, you will still get those allocated seats. It still works till today, except that web check-in only opens from 2 weeks before departure date.

Anonymous said...

Can you choose hot seats? Will it work if you choose hot seats?