Thursday, October 29, 2009

Samsung U-Nivez Sun Hunt Team 2009!

The Sun Motor Hunt 2009 is back!!

However, my team didn't manage to register on time! Therefore, we are hoping and praying that the fabulous, fun and loving people of Samsung will sponsor our team! Why should they??

We have been going for the Sun Motor Hunt, every single year, since it all began in 2004.

This is our teammate Sam. He is normally a very shy person. But if we manage to get in, we will personally throw him up on stage to entertain you! Wait till you hear his voice, he will take the stage by storm!

At last year's Sun Motor Hunt, Sam had an unfortunate accident. Whilst running to buy a treasure at 7-11, his shoe came off and he fell into a drain, chest-high! All of us were so worried for him, he scraped his knee very badly. We took 1 hour to treat his wound, but he kept his spirits up and continued with the hunt! It definitely cost us our points and position last year, so we will double our efforts and make a major comeback this year!

We represent everything Samsung is about. We look cool(ahem). We're outgoing.
We strive to be No.1!