About Crazy Digest

Crazy Digest is meant for everyone to find inspiration and information to explore the world. Being fed up with the conventional "guided tours", it aims to show everyone how much fun you can have on D-I-Y trips. Don't treat your holiday like a boot-camp.

Conventional Day on a Guided Tour:
5:00am - Morning Call
6:00am - Go for breakfast (military tray style)
6:30am - Assemble outside the bus
8:30am - Arrive at your destination
9:00am - Enter the tourist site, and follow the flag whilst listening to the guide.
11:30am - Toilet call
12:00pm - 9-course Chinese lunch (no matter what country you are at)
1:00pm - Back on the bus again
2:00pm - Arrive at a commission-based shopping site
2:30pm - Be obligated to buy "souvenirs" from the shopping site
3:00pm - Arrive at another tourist site and repeat procedure
5:00pm - Yet another commission-based shopping site
6:00pm - 9-course Chinese dinner again
7:30pm - You now have 1 hour to shop. Meet back here at 8:30pm!
8:30pm - Arrive back at bus, but 4 persons in group missing
9:00pm - 4-persons in group arrive back
10:00pm - Arrive at another hotel. Check-in for tonight and check-out tomorrow

Conventional Day on a Crazy Digest Itinerary:
8:00am - Wake up
8:30am - Is it time to get out of bed yet?
9:00am - OK, time to really get up
9:30am - Check Ipad, what is there to see in this town? Pick 3 places please
10:00am - I'm hungry, where do we go? Pick any stop on the subway map
10:30am - Arrive at the random stop. Let's eat!

The charms of every city can be discovered when you don't plan too much. As the saying goes,
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

However, "When in China, don't do as the Chinese do"

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