Friday, February 29, 2008

Taiwan here we (all 5 of us) come!

- by angie -

I'm so happy to be going to Taiwan for 8 days! I managed to secure seats in Nov 2007, flying from Singapore to Taipei, for only RM450 return inclusive of taxes and surcharges. The plan was to go there with hui hui and mum.

Then word slowly got out that we're heading to Taiwan. HH's 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th sis all know, but they must ALL keep it a secret from her parents. They musn't find out cos they do not approve of their children wasting money on holidays.

But alas, HH's parents are planning a trip to Taiwan too! We do not know why yet, but HH's dad is very insistent on visiting this year, at the end of April. Keeps nagging her to get air ticket prices. Don't you think it'll be easier just bringing them along for the trip, rather than to hide it from them? So that's what we did... we bought 2 more tickets for HH's parents to come along. But all of you who read this, shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell them their tickets are so much more expensive than ours. Theirs cost RM1086 each.

Now comes the tough ordeal of arranging a comfortable holiday for 3 elderly and 2 young persons. Already there are a lot of requirements:
1. Access to hotel rooms must not require climbing of stairs
2. Location must be very convenient, as they can't walk too well
3. Breakfast must be provided or cafes must be nearby in the morning
4. Food needs:
- No sugar, no oyster sauce
- No pepper, no oily/fatty foods, less salt
- No beans, no tofu
- No sour plum, no salted veggies
5. Rented taxi must not have air freshener! And the a/c must be powerful

On top of all of this, the 3 elderly do not speak in common languages.
Mum speaks english mostly, with some cantonese.
Hh's parents speak mandarin mostly, with some hokkien.

Come back after April to find out how our trip went! :)