Customised Itinerary

CrazyDigest is proud to bring you the option of customising your itinerary. Save on research time, save on hotel costs, save on the hassle of arranging transport. Just let me know:
  • Date of travel
  • How many persons in your traveling party
  • Locations you wish to visit
  • Type of places you would like to see
  • Type of hotels you would like to stay at
Charges are dependent on the countries you would like to visit. A general cost guideline will be RM50 per day for itinerary, RM100 per day for countries like Japan where the complexity of the itinerary is tripled. And if you would like me to make the hotel booking on your behalf, the price will be 5% x total cost of the hotel. Why 5%? The rates I get can be significantly cheaper than whatever rate you can find.

Payment should be made in advance to a Maybank account, instructions will be provided in an email. Interested? Email me to get a quote!

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