Friday, October 14, 2011

What is AirAsia BIG SHOT?

This morning, AirAsia promoted their new BIG SHOT loyalty program. Facts are available on their website but information is quite hidden all over the place. This is the summary I have concluded:
- BIG SHOT is an email login ID for you to earn points called BIGGIES
- It comes with a Visa Prepaid card, to earn extra Biggies at selected merchants
- It costs RM10 to apply, and RM5 annual fee. The RM50 tax on credit cards is NOT APPLICABLE
- To earn Biggies on AirAsia bookings, simply key in your BIG SHOT email ID when performing the booking
- If booking flights + (Baggage/meals/seats/insurance), you get 1 Biggie for every RM2 spent (excl airport tax)
- If booking flights only, you get 1 Biggie for every RM4 spent

- There is no indication that the Visa Prepaid card must be used to pay for the air tickets
- For flights ALREADY BOOKED, you can submit a claim within 30 days from now until 30 days after the departure date. Once a member, click on BIGGIES and then click on Claim BIGGIES

I submitted 4 claims for flights already booked. That would get me about 600 Biggies points

AirAsia has been wanting to come up with a loyalty program for its frequent flyers. I am still uncertain whether this is going to be the case, but for RM10 application fee and RM5 per year, I am willing to try. Also, AirAsia normally gives preferential booking/pricing to its affiliated cards. I am waiting to see what will happen. In the meantime, what can you do with BIGGIES?
What you can get for your Biggies Points
Hotels and Holidays are offered for Biggies Points

Redeem Gift Vouchers with Biggies Points

The AirAsia voucher redemption has been around for some time. Basically, RM8000 spent gets you RM50 worth of AirAsia voucher. This is quite a good conversion compared to the Citibank AirAsia credit card that requires RM8500 spent.

Right now, there is no information on how to claim free flights using Biggies. I guess we will only find out more on 11 November 2011.

Update 14 Oct 2011:
You no longer need to submit the claim form. Login to AirAsia with your normal email and password, then click on My Flights | Manage my booking. Look for any of your booking and click "Modify". You should then see this page

New Earn BIGGIES tab on the left of Manage my booking

IMPORTANT: BIGGIE Points can only be earned by the individual passenger. Eventhough your family or travel partners do not have a BIG Shot ID, you still cannot earn BIGGIE Points on their behalf. I tried, it failed.
One BIG Shot account for One passenger. No cheating allowed.
Also, do check out what you can redeem with your Big Shot points
AirAsia BIG SHOT to Redeem Flights

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