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Taitung, Taiwan - 3 Days Itinerary

Date of Travel: 1-4 Jan 2015

Of the many times I've traveled to Taiwan, this is one of my favourite excursions. Taitung is a coastal town on the south east of Taiwan. Very picturesque views.

Day 1
- 2:00pm Catch the train from Taipei to Taitung (3hr 46min, $783/pax)
- 5:48pm Reach Taitung, walk to EasyRent
No.610, Ln. 101, Yanwan Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County. T: 886-89-224-000.
EasyRent, Toyota Vios $2400/day x 2 days = $4800
- Dinner for aboriginal dishes Mibanai Shandimei Restaurant 米巴奈山地美食坊
950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Chuanguang Road, 470號
- Drive to Luminous Resort for the night
Address: 台東縣鹿野鄉中華路一段200號
No.200, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Luye Township
Coordinates:22°53'52.59"N 121°6'4.80"E
Kuomintang Lantern at Luminous: 8:00pm onwards
Heated Pool: 0700-1100/1430-2200
Spa: 0700-1100/1430-2230
Luminous Hot Spring Resort

Room with hot spring spa tub inside

Personal hot spring bath

Ice cream as part of breakfast!

Custard apple & Custard Pineapple are the local fruit in Taitung

Day 2
- Breakfast & Hot spring in the morning, checkout at 11:00am.
- Have lunch at Yuan Sen Garden, with ostrich farm
- Then drive to Chulu Ranch 初鹿牧場
- Checkin in to Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort ($3000/room)
950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, 博物館路1號, +886 8 938 4666
- 4:00pm Drive to Taidong Forest Park and have a look at Egret Lake(鹭鸶湖)
- Then drive to the other end of the park at 台東縣台東市大同路 Haibin Park
- 5:15pm sunset by walking to Pipa Lake(琵琶湖) and 活水湖
- Have dinner of seafood in Fugang 富岡 fishing village, at the Mei-e restaurant 美娥.886-89-281062
- Check-in to Taitung Cultural Exchange Resort
- Then head to Taitung Night Market at Zhengqi and Zhongshan intersection
Inside Chulu Ranch

Chulu Ranch with many farm animals

Feed the cow, but they were probably too full by then

Yuan Sen Garden's steamboat buffet was really good with fresh veggies

We had to queue 2 hours till 4:30pm before we got to eat. Worth the wait!

Ostrich roaming around Yuan Sen Garden while waiting for lunch
Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort

Cycling to Pipa Lake

Somewhere inside Taidong Forest Park, possibly near Egret Lake (鹭鸶湖)
Seafood at the night market

Long queue for this chinese burger


Apple custard everywhere

Day 3
- Checkout after breakfast
- Follow the blue bus line up to San Xian Tai
- Proceed to Xiao Yehliu (小野柳)
- Next stop Water Running uphill (水往上流)
- Buy Donghe Steamed Buns
- Amis Folk Center
- San Xian Tai
- Lunch along the way - be creative
- For desserts, try  Ma’olahay 玛悟拉嗨手作巧克力铺 (台东县东河乡都兰村新东糖库入口处, facebook)

Long queue for Donghe Steamed Buns

Nice, but I don't get what's the big deal

Finally reached Sanxiantai

Seafood lunch at a roadside hut along the way

Where the water flows uphill - Water Running uphill (水往上流)

Xiao Yehliu (小野柳)

Naturally, I had to buy some custard apples & custard pineapples to bring home! This box completely filled up my luggage bag :(

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