Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flexibility Reward on AirAsiaX

If you have booked a flight on AirAsiaX, you now have 3 options to choose from.
1. Upgrade to Premium Class
2. Book Empty Seats beside you
3. Earn money to delay your flight to another day

This third option is brand new at the time of writing. For those persons who don't mind departing several days later, you will be rewarded between RM120 up to RM200 for the change. The difference in payment is dependent on how much notice you would be given. Here's how to check it out:

Book Empty Seats on AirAsiaX

AirAsia is getting very ingenious in earning ancillary income. First was the option to Upgrade to Premium class which I have blogged about earlier. After all, why waste empty seats on the Premium Class?

Following the same concept, why waste empty seats on the Economy Class too? Yes you heard it right. You can now BUY empty seats next to you for a minimal fee. You can no longer hop to any empty seat you wish on the aircraft, because someone may already have purchased it! This is what you need to do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scoot Airlines from S$88

Finally after months of teasing and taunting, they have revealed their prices. Booking is open for members from 21 Mar - 22 Mar. After you have signed up, click here to access http://www.flyscoot.com/member/

Here is the full booking process.
Final cheapest price:
Return Airfare  = S$211.17
15kg Bag = S$28.00 x 2 ways
Payment by Visa/Mastercard = S$8 x 2
Total = $283.17!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last chance for Christchurch via AirAsia

In case you haven't heard, AirAsiaX will be suspending their KUL - Christchurch route on 30 May 2012. You now have 2+ months to plan your super cheap trip to New Zealand before it becomes a whole lot more expensive via other airlines. My 2012 calendar is really packed with trips, but I was still toying with the idea on whether this could be done or not. As a quick guide, this is what you can get:

1. Air tickets to Christchurch. The cheapest combination for a short trip, happens to be on a the labour day weekend. Price per person = RM1638 for return air tickets (yet to add for baggage and meals and insurance)
RM1638 per person for air tickets from 27 April - 1 May 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planning for Japan 2012: Speaking Japanese

Before arriving at any country, I have a basic set of phrases to learn up before arriving. Here are some which I have found to be useful:

1. Numbers in Japanese

1 ichi
21 nijuuichi
100 hyaku
10000 ichiman
2 ni
22 nijuuni
150 hyakugojuu
100000 hyakuman
3 san
23 nijuusan
200 nihyaku
10000000 senman
4 yon/shi
30 sanjuu
300 sanbyaku

5 go
31 sanjuuichi
400 yonhyaku

6 roku
32 sanjuuni
500 gohyaku

7 nana/shichi
40 yonjuu
600 roppyaku

8 hachi
41 yonjuuichi
700 nanahyaku

9 kyuu
42 yonjuuni
800 happyaku

10 juu
50 gojuu
900 kyuuhyaku

11 juuichi
51 gojuuichi
1000 sen

12 juuni
52 gojuuni
1500 sengohyaku

13 juusan
60 rokujuu
2000 nisen

14 juushi
61 rokujuuichi
3000 sanzen

15 juugo
70 nanajuu
4000 yonsen

16 juuroku
71 nanajuuichi
5000 gosen

17 juushichi
80 hachijuu
6000 rokusen

18 juuhachi
81 hachijuuichi
7000 nanasen

19 juukyuu
90 kyuujuu
8000 hassen

20 nijuu
91 kyuujuuichi
9000 kyuusen

 * Items marked with bold indicate a slight change in pronunciation

Friday, March 9, 2012

Planning for Japan 2012: What to buy?

My trip to Japan is drawing closer. As part of the planning, it is important to know what is good / cheaper to buy there. These will be my aim:

1. Tongs for Potato Chips

I normally eat chips with chopsticks, but this would be real cool!
Photo credit: http://www.edgyjapan.jp

Ho Chi Minh City's Sea of Motorbikes

Date of Travel: 27 - 30 October 2006
Conversion: US$1.00 = 16,000 Vietnamese Dong VND
A typical scene anywhere in Ho Chi Minh city

Over 5 years ago, before AirAsiaX came along and we got bored with AirAsia's destinations, I brought mum on an adventure in Vietnam via Tiger Airways. It was a first for many of us. Back then, we had never stayed at a so-called "Boutique" hotel before. Our pre-booked Indochine Hotel (http://www.indochinehotel.com) turned out to be a wedge between shophouses. For US$25/night, I couldn't complain much. The first impression we had of Vietnam was: Motorbikes and Motorbikes and even more Motorbikes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Redeem AirAsia RM100 voucher

What does it take to get a free RM100 AirAsia E-Gift Voucher. I travel with AirAsia the majority of the time with they can be at really cheap rates if booked donkey months ahead of the travel date. So with my credit cards in hand, all of them have the option of redeeming AirAsia gift vouchers.

Card Brand
Spend Amt
BIG Card
RM100 voucher
Citibank Platinum
Visa / Mastercard
RM100 voucher
Citibank AirAsia
RM100 voucher
Citibank Premier Miles
Visa Signature
RM100 voucher
RM  9780
* Note: RM16,000 is only for expenses on AirAsia and its selected subsidiaries

I know that 1% return is not as good as some other credit cards offering 2% cash back but those come with conditions and tiers of spending. Citibank Premier Miles currently offer unlimited access to the Plaza Premium Lounge in LCCT and KLIA, as well of 2 times per year entry into worldwide lounges under the Priority Pass program.

Over the next year, I have 6 flights booked departing from LCCT. Let's see how beneficial it will be having access to the Plaza Premium Lounge.