Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Empty Seats on AirAsiaX

AirAsia is getting very ingenious in earning ancillary income. First was the option to Upgrade to Premium class which I have blogged about earlier. After all, why waste empty seats on the Premium Class?

Following the same concept, why waste empty seats on the Economy Class too? Yes you heard it right. You can now BUY empty seats next to you for a minimal fee. You can no longer hop to any empty seat you wish on the aircraft, because someone may already have purchased it! This is what you need to do.

1. Go to https://www.optiontown.com/p.do?p=/01AirAsiaESo2/
2. Select AirAsiaX, key in your booking reference, last name and email. This is what you'll see.

Since I have 2 persons in my booking reference, I have the option of booking for 1 empty seat in between the 2 of us for RM15+RM2, or get 4 empty seats, i.e. occupy the full 2 rows for RM35+RM2. That's quite cheap to ensure a bed for myself on the flight. This is much cheaper than having to upgrade to Premium class. Try it out!

Update: Prices shown are per passenger! For 1 empty seat per way, total cost is RM17x2 = RM34.

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