Thursday, October 27, 2011

Upgrade to Premium / "Business" Class on AirAsiaX

When traveling on AirAsiaX, don't you feel a tad bit jealous of the people up front? They would normally act really relaxed, almost horizontally reclined and reading a book with their mini reading light. Or some would be on their notebooks complete with power socket plugged in, pretending to look business-like with their Powerpoint documents and such. Curiosity got the better of me.

1. Make your booking for a normal seat on AirAsiaX. Even if you got your seat for free (which I did win as a prize), it is fine, you are still entitled for the upgrade.
2. Go to and key in your Booking Reference Number and Last Name.
3. View the price offered for the upgrade
Go to OptionTown to key in your 6-character Booking Reference

Sample pricing for the Premium Upgrade

I have tried upgrading only 2 times, once was for a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur for RM200+RM10, and another was for Paris to Kuala Lumpur for RM505+RM10. Both of which were successful. For the Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight, I was emailed 3 days prior to departure. Whereas for Paris to Kuala Lumpur, the email only arrived the day before departure. I have no idea how long they actually take to refund should the upgrade be unsuccessful.

This is the sample email you will receive upon a successful upgrade.
Successful Upgrade email, received on the day before departure

The amount I paid for the upgrade. For a 14-hour flight, it was worth every penny

What exactly do you get for this Upgrade? As advertised on OptionTown:
  • Flat Bed Comfort (not exactly 180 degrees flat, but close enough)
  • Comfort Head & Foot rest
  • 20kg Free Baggage (worth RM65)
  • Preferred Seat Assignment (worth RM25)
  • Hot Meal & Mineral water (worth RM55)
  • Premium Pillow/Blanket for loan
  • Priority Check-in/Boarding
  • Laptop / PC Outlet
  • Priority Baggage claim upon landing

What I truly got? Being able to play hide & seek on the plane. See? Can't find me!

That's me under the covers, too relaxed to get off before the photo was taken

Free electricity! Endless hours of movies & games on my Ipad

Privacy from others in front of me
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