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Day Trip: Sekinchan & Kuala Selangor

Date of Travel: 3 July 2010 & 13 Nov 2010
Firefly Park - Proudly Malaysian. Only found in Asia and South & Central America

Do you love Christmas Tree lights? Well you can now see them all year round at Kuala Selangor. In fact, there are over 50 trees filled with "lights" in the form of fireflies. Contrary to its name, fireflies are actually winged beetles that emit a chemically-produced light to attract their mates. Try doing the same with a flashlight in a club, and see if any "mates" come along :) Because of the abundance of fireflies living here, there are 2 spots where you can view them from. One is the Kuala Selangor Firefly Park and Resort, where you will be navigated on a motorised boat out to the river. And second is at Kampung Kuantan which brings you on a sampan.

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, make it a day out by first heading to Sekinchan. What is so interesting about Sekinchan? It has acres of paddy fields as far as the eye can see. I don't know about you, but watching the green squares of paddy has a very therapeutic effect on me.
Paddy Fields taken from the Temple at Bagan Tengkorak (GPS: 3° 27' 11.40" N, 101° 8' 9.60" E)

"Here ye, Here ye, my noble subjects"

The narrow road between acres of paddy

Plenty you can do with such lovely background

Of course, the food is even more therapeutic for my tummy. Sekinchan has one of the very fresh seafood with many popular restaurants. Do a quick google and pick one.
With the sea on one side, and paddy fields on the other, your camera will be spoilt for choices

The fishing village at Sekinchan

Spot the ice-cream motorbike doing their rounds

Inner peace :)
Freshest seafood!

Yummilicious prawns for lunch

Sekinchan is approximately 35km north of Kuala Selangor. So once you are done with the sights, head to Kuala Selangor for an early dinner by the jetty (and yes, to eat seafood again).
Dining by the water
If you're lucky, get a table on the balcony

My preferred restaurant

Many shops selling seafood products

Crackers anyone?

Seafood & tauhu soup

Bamboo shell clams - really really really really really yummy

Crowd favourite of mantis prawns

I prefer Kampung Kuantan purely for the fact that you get to bring your tourists to sit on actual sampans with the potential of falling in to a river full of crocodiles and filth (that's what I tell them). It gives a way more authentic experience than motorised boats. Cost is RM10 per person, maximum 4 to a boat. If you come in three's, then you may be asked to hire the whole boat for RM40. It's just a short 20 minute ride on the river, but peaceful and dark with the moon lighting your way. Come on a full moon day if you can, absolutely breathtaking.
The Stink-That-Stays-On-For-Hours Life Jackets that you get to wear

Waiting for the boats to come by

Don't worry, it's "safe" :)

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