Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noto Peninsula, Japan

Date of Travel: 28 July 2014
One of the salt farms along the Noto Peninsula

Departing from Kanazawa, we took a day-trip to Noto Peninsula. It was a beautiful day, and the moment we hit the coast, I felt like I was driving in Australia. Even one of the rest stops felt like I wasn't in Japan anymore. Our first stop was the Chirihama Beach, where you can drive your car onto the 8km beach.

Kanazawa, Japan

Date of Travel: 26-29 July 2014

Kanazawa Station

This is a continuation of the previous post at Takayama & Shirakawa-Go.

3 nights at Kanazawa is too long. You end up doing many things that you normally wouldn't do. So here's our drive trip to some really small towns around Japan. We arrived Kanazawa late at night and checked-in to the newly opened Holiday Inn Kanazawa. At 13,300¥/night with breakfast for a huge twin room, it was worth every penny. On the night that we arrived, we walked to the nearby Omicho market and somehow wasn't impressed with the restaurants there. We randomly picked a restaurant nearby, and wanted to go back to take our car and head out for a drive. On our way back, we heard fireworks and only JUST realized that the big fireworks festival was on that night. We ran back to the hotel and asked them where is the fireworks, and wanted to drive there. The reception pointed us to the 15th Floor. He insisted we go there. And so we did, and we arrived at the hotel's library which was pitch black, and everyone was sitting by the windows catching the fireworks. So lucky, we got to enjoy the hour long fireworks in the comfort of our hotel.

This room has 2 single beds, and 2 toilets! This picture show half of the room, the other half is exactly the same.

Seafood is very fresh in Kanazawa