Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noto Peninsula, Japan

Date of Travel: 28 July 2014
One of the salt farms along the Noto Peninsula

Departing from Kanazawa, we took a day-trip to Noto Peninsula. It was a beautiful day, and the moment we hit the coast, I felt like I was driving in Australia. Even one of the rest stops felt like I wasn't in Japan anymore. Our first stop was the Chirihama Beach, where you can drive your car onto the 8km beach.

Next up, we stopped by the Ganmon Rock for some photos. But no time to stay for too long, as we are headed to Wajima City Market next.

Ganmon Rock of Noto Peninsula

You can opt for a boat ride around the rock, but sorry no time.
We overestimated the distances, and by the time we arrived Wajima City, we were so upset that everything was closed by 1pm! It became a dead town, and we found it difficult locating any restaurants open. Thankfully we found this place and had the best seabream sashimi ever!!

Wajima City became a dead town after the morning market closed

Super super super Seabream (Tai) Fish sashimi, with Suzuka Fish and something else.

After lunch, we continued our way to Senmaida for the beautiful rice terrace. But alas, it was harvested recently.

Senmaida Rice Terrace, Noto Peninsula

The road narrows to a single lane. Only go when the green sign is lighted. Pretty useful instead of having a man there.
The last few stops before heading back to Kanazawa, we had fun on the beach, stopped by a salt farm, and went to the light house. Overall, a very nice and LONG drive. Note to self: Don't do this in summer again! The car windows weren't tinted, it was really really hot!

The scarecrows have horses too!

I couldn't climb up to the actual lighthouse, so I took a picture with the replica. Hahahahaha!

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