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A different side of Hong Kong

Date of travel: 20-24 Nov 2014

Would you believe that this is Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong?

I had been avoiding Hong Kong for awhile, because there seems to be so much you can do there. Or so I thought. It's been 6 years since my previous trip, nothing much has changed, but yet I managed to find some unique things that I hadn't tried before.

1) First up, we stayed at Sheung Wan, which is on the Western side of Hong Kong island. The Ibis Hotel here had a sneak peak of the harbour, and I could view the Hong Kong Harbour Light Show from my room window. Just download the app, and listen to their music that plays in sync with the light show. Awesome technology. The area of Sheung Wan is filled with local charm, medicine shops, dried seafood, and an Edwardian style Western Market.
Ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan
The Harbour Lights show visible from my room window
Western Market

I am guessing that this is dried fish maw

2) Cheap and delicious food can still be found! At certain hours, you can enjoy a wonderful bowl of wantan noodles for $20. This became my favourite breakfast spot: Sai Yung Kee.
Sai Yung Kee at Sheung Wan

Very springy noodles, simple and delicious

3) Sai Kung
We were honoured to have Sue join us in Hong Kong. She led the way to Sai Kung, which included  a train ride filled with residents of China, heading home to the border of HK and China. A short bus ride later, and I felt like I arrived in a coastal town of Australia. Took me by surprise, and we had a great day out at sea, followed by a sumptuous seafood lunch.

You can buy freshly caught fish here too

Boarding our boat. We picked only 3 stops instead of the full course

One of the islands that we docked at. Just catch the next boat back

So pretty, so blue, so clear

HK$1371 at Tung Kee Seafood Restaurant
4) Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens
Now that we've been to the sea, it's time to explore the mountains. This unique farm is set up on the mountains, with shuttle buses bringing you from place to place. The view from the top was breathtaking.
There is a bit to climb at certain spots

This doesn't look anything like Hong Kong to me!

Taking the long walk back, cos we missed the last bus

5) Dogs have landed at Lan Kwai Fong
Never have I seen this many species of dogs before. This is my favourite, and I'm not sure what it's called.
Do you know what type of dog this is?

Soooooo cute

Many stalls selling freshly cooked food for dogs

6) Eating Roast Goose and Century Egg in the middle of Central
I know this place is famous, but I haven't been here before. We had the roast goose first for HK$70. Then I was curious about how good the century egg can be, so I sent HH to the shop to buy 1 single century egg. Little did I know that it was a 3-shop 3-storey lot, and looked very high-class indeed. She daringly walked in and asked to purchase 1 century egg for HK$15, and spoke English the whole way. They asked her, "1 box"? They were kind to oblige, and I happily enjoyed my century egg by cracking it on the staircase. Kakakakaka. The egg yolk was oozing out, and just melted in your mouth. Really good. Well we went back to buy the box of 6 in the end, $85. That's about RM7 per egg!
Yung Kee famous for century egg and roast duck
We chose to eat at Yat Lok restaurant for their roast goose

Also, thanks to Teck Meng for treating us a wonderful meal and welcoming us to your home, and to Sue's mom for welcoming us to your home and cooking a spectacular meal for us. I feel so blessed to have good friends around the world that I can occasionally impose on. Let's wait for 6 more years for another re-visit!

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