Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bali - A photographer's playground!

Date of Travel: 24-28 January 2013

My favourite place in Bali - Blue Point Beach

To a photographer, Bali is heaven. You have beautiful sunsets, paddy fields, beaches, mountains, architecture, culture, nature, just take your pick. You can be as creative or silly as you wish.

Bali - Sleeping in a Paddy Field

Hotel Review: Pertiwi Bisma 1, Ubud

Date of Travel: 24-28 January 2013

HH has always dreamed of waking up to seeing paddy fields from the room window. Unfortunately, such places cost quite a bit in Ubud, our initial booked hotel cost US$135 per night. Then came along this place that was BRAND NEW and looked good enough for US$55. Plus it looked to have paddy fields nearby, so why not? Let's try it out!

Bali - Top 3 Favourite Restaurants in Ubud

Date of Travel: 24-28 Jan 2013
Nasi Babi Guling from some roadside shack frequented by locals. 10,000Rp worth of crackling goodness!
This was my second visit to Bali, and I was not expecting much. In 2005, my flight was delayed 6 hours and I ended up having dinner at 10pm. I immediately had a bad reaction to the food, and could not stop vomiting every half hour until I called for a doctor to come to my hotel to give me a jab at my behind at 3am in the morning. I paid USD100 for the house-call injection and needless to say, I did not eat too adventurously for the entire trip.

This time in 2013, the food in Bali really blew me away! I truly did not expect to find quality European cuisine at such valuable prices. For this trip, HH wanted to wake up to see the paddy fields. Therefore, we stayed at Ubud the entire time, and these are restaurants entirely in Ubud.