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Bali - Top 3 Favourite Restaurants in Ubud

Date of Travel: 24-28 Jan 2013
Nasi Babi Guling from some roadside shack frequented by locals. 10,000Rp worth of crackling goodness!
This was my second visit to Bali, and I was not expecting much. In 2005, my flight was delayed 6 hours and I ended up having dinner at 10pm. I immediately had a bad reaction to the food, and could not stop vomiting every half hour until I called for a doctor to come to my hotel to give me a jab at my behind at 3am in the morning. I paid USD100 for the house-call injection and needless to say, I did not eat too adventurously for the entire trip.

This time in 2013, the food in Bali really blew me away! I truly did not expect to find quality European cuisine at such valuable prices. For this trip, HH wanted to wake up to see the paddy fields. Therefore, we stayed at Ubud the entire time, and these are restaurants entirely in Ubud.

I believe a picture says more than words, so get ready for some food porn!

1. Il Giardino (Italian)
Very comfortable setting inside a villa/bungalow with its own pond

Candlelight dinner where the leftover candle is pushed into the bottle every night

Complimentary bread sticks with dip - very good one at that!

This restaurant is located inside a bungalow which makes you feel right at home. Open only from Tuesdays to Saturdays, they specialize in wood fire pizza and pastas. This is what 3 persons ordered:

Every Italian must get their basics right with a good Bolognese. Our favourite for the night actually
Saffron Tagliatelle, Grilled Salmon Steak, Saffron Cream - another crowd favourite
Pumpkin Ravioli, Burnt Butter, Almonds, Sage - very nice if we weren't that full already

What? Pizza also? Done just right with anchovies instead of "Ikan Bilis"
Il Giardino
Opens Tue-Sat only!
Han Snel Bungalows,
Jalan Kajeng.
+62 361 974271

2. Warung Schnitzel (German)
When I was studying in Perth, I used to eat Schnitzels a lot. They are basically deep fried pork cutlets. When done right, the meat is still oozing with juice and it's crisp on the outside. I'm a sucker for schnitzels, and I really loved it here.

They have many servers here, all of them would come to ask you how your meal was

My decadent schnitzel that may not look as good as it tasted
BBQ chicken was very tender too

Sorry? This is green curry chicken? Sure doesn't look like it but it tasted FABULOUS!!

Complimentary appetizers - again crunchy goodness. Too much fat for one night

Their show stopper - Apple Cinnamon Pudding. So sweet that I felt like it gave me diabetes
Warung Schnitzel
Jalan Sriwedari 2
+62 361 970744

3. Kafe

Bali is a place where you will find the most concentration of yoga practitioner (yogese or wannabes?) and green loving people. And they try to eat in the most healthy manner possible, where foods aren't cooked past certain temperatures or best enjoyed RAW (Real And Wholesome). We chanced on this restaurant, and frequented it 2 times.

Vegetarian green curry with organic vegetables and brown rice

Really good Indian curry Chapati set!

Freshly made nachos


Keylime pie - though sour, but highly addictive

Jalan Hanoman
+62 361 7803802

Note: Photos are now taken with our new Canon 6D, notice any difference in the photos?

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