Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bali - Sleeping in a Paddy Field

Hotel Review: Pertiwi Bisma 1, Ubud

Date of Travel: 24-28 January 2013

HH has always dreamed of waking up to seeing paddy fields from the room window. Unfortunately, such places cost quite a bit in Ubud, our initial booked hotel cost US$135 per night. Then came along this place that was BRAND NEW and looked good enough for US$55. Plus it looked to have paddy fields nearby, so why not? Let's try it out!

Forgot to take photo of the toilet, this was the only shot grabbed on handphone just before checkout

The property consists of 20 rooms set out in 2 blocks facing one another. During our stay, we were the ONLY GUESTS in the entire hotel. It was rather creepy with the full moon at night, and hearing frogs and ducks and insect noises all around us. It takes a good 20 minutes walk to the main road from this hotel. We tried renting bicycles, but the rental places won't let us keep the bikes overnight, thus defeating the purpose.

We were the only guests having breakfast every morning, yet they take a long time to prepare.

There was supposedly a shortcut through Pertiwi Hotel, but it involved going down a very deep hill via multiple flight of stairs, and going up and equally deep hill again. Once was enough on my knees.

After going through the shortcut
So in the end, we ended up walking 20 minutes each day to get to the main road. This is what we see.
The Main Lobby carpark area where the owner keeps his own Harleys

Another climb uphill to the road

The side road before reaching the road

Finally this is the road leading to the main road. No lights!

After 1 minute, we see this

This is another hotel that is even harder to get to

It was a full moon night, and I had an LED torch shining on the left tower. Very dark!!
Thankfully, we still enjoyed our stay here because it was so away from reality and was a great stress reliever. Would I do it again? Not on your life!

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