Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flexibility Reward on AirAsiaX

If you have booked a flight on AirAsiaX, you now have 3 options to choose from.
1. Upgrade to Premium Class
2. Book Empty Seats beside you
3. Earn money to delay your flight to another day

This third option is brand new at the time of writing. For those persons who don't mind departing several days later, you will be rewarded between RM120 up to RM200 for the change. The difference in payment is dependent on how much notice you would be given. Here's how to check it out:

1. Go to https://www.optiontown.com/p.do?p=/01AirAsiaFRo2/
2. Select AirAsiaX, key in your booking reference, last name and email. If it is available, select the departing flight and this is what you'll see.

3. My original flight departs on 2 April. Suppose I don't mind departing on 3rd April instead. Select that and search. This is the resulting page

What this means is, for departure on 3 April, they do not have any rewards for me if I choose to shift to that date. However, if I choose to depart on 4 April at 1:00am, I will be paid RM120 if they notify me within 3 days from my original flight date, or RM200 if they notify me within 1 day of my original flight date. Payment will be in the form of Paypal or OptionTown credit.

For people like me who have book hotels 6-9 months in advance, sorry I won't be using FROs. But if your timing is that flexible, why not? However, you cannot combine Upgrades + Empty Seats + Flexibility Rewards together. You can only choose one or the other.

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