Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT

After clearing immigration, I was looking forward to using my recently acquired Citibank Premier Miles card for a free entry into the Plaza Premium Lounge at LCCT. I had visions of nasi lemak, toilets and hot showers.

What I found instead was a slightly more comfortable chair, free read of The Star, funky porridge and self made sandwiches, and free flow of drinks including beer. I ain't complaining; afterall it was a free entry. After having a hearty sandwich and hoarded 8 bottled water to bring onboard, I can say it's convenient to have this facility since it's free.

Update: 29 April 2012
In LCCT airport, there are actually 2 Plaza Premium Lounges. One is just before heading upstairs to immigration at the International departure, and another is after clearing immigration. I had the pleasure of visiting the lounge BEFORE immigration yesterday, and boy was it so much better! It has a toilet and shower (where you can loan a towel), much better food and seating environment. When I visited at 4:30pm, they offered bolognese chicken spaghetti, steamed rice with ayam masak merah, a variety of salads, mushroom soup and porridge. They even had ice cream! Overall, the one Before is really much better. The only problem is not being able to take water bottles for the plane journey. Your choice!

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Anonymous said...

I think an airport lounge is good if you're stuck for a few hours while transiting, some airports offer nice lounge facilities with shower or massage. I tried quite a number of lounges in Malaysia with my priority pass card.