Saturday, November 12, 2011

AirAsia BIG SHOT to Redeem Flights

Have you already signed up for the AirAsia Big Shot loyalty program? The free flight redemption details are finally out after much anticipation. In summary:

Spend RM2 = 1 Biggie Point
100 Biggie Points = RM1 worth of flight at Regular Rate

What exactly does this mean?
Take for example, a random flight booking which looks like the following:
21,400 Biggies required for one-way to Bangkok

RM214 if you paid in cash for the exact same flight

What this means is, your Biggies points are based on the "Regular Rate" of the flight. If that particular flight has a "Promo Rate", you will still be paying Biggies based on the Regular Rate.
8,800 Biggies points to Singapore (Regular Rate is RM88, Promo Rate is RM14)

RM14 under the Promo Rate

You would only use your Biggies Points to redeem if the particular flight you want does not have any Promo Rate. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your Biggies Points. Another bizarre issue is, although there were several flights per day to Bangkok, Biggies Points redemption only allowed selection of ONE particular flight and cannot be changed.

In my previous article about What is AirAsia BIG SHOT?, I wrote that it takes 4,000 Biggies to get a RM50 gift voucher.

5,000 Biggies Points = RM50 flight redemption at Regular Rate
4,000 Biggies Points = RM50 Gift Voucher, which can be used for flight/baggage/seat/food etc

How does this make sense then?

In summary:
  1. 5000 Biggies Points = RM50 flight redemption at Regular Rate
  2. Flight redemption is limited to specific flight per day (cannot choose)
  3. 4000 Biggies Points = RM50 Gift Voucher
  4. Or 8000 Biggies Points = RM100 Gift Voucher
  5. You can only pay with a maximum of 2 Gift Vouchers in one transaction
So do your own Math and decide what is worth your money. If you are an extreme frequent flyer with plenty of points anyway, would you consider giving your vouchers to me? *big big smile*

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