Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 8: Top 5 things to bring home from Prague

Date of travel: 14 April 2011

We dedicated a full day of some serious shopping in Prague. For some serious stuff, head to the suburbs where the locals go to. Our choice was Zilcin which has a huge shopping mall called Metropole, and another building housing Ikea.

Number 5: Bohemian Crystals

Bohemian Crystals are very well-known in Prague. It ranges from all kinds of drinking glasses to decorative pieces for your table or room. Shops selling them are all over the place, and you can even join a tour to see how they are made.
Photo courtesy of http://www.prague-stay.com

Number 4: Eggs from Blue Praha shop

This was something I look forward to visiting everyday. They look so pretty and dainty. I unfortunately had to give it a miss in bringing it home, as I didn't have a proper place to display this. One of the nicest things I've seen in Prague.
6cm Paperweight from 495 Kr. Photo credit to http://www.bluepraha.cz

Number 3: Jigsaw Puzzles

If you're a fan of Jigsaw Puzzles, you will love the collection in Prague, especially since it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like they do here. DINO and ELLI are both popular brands available here for approximately €10-20 for a 1000 piece puzzle. Since the boxes are bulky and hard to carry, cut out just the top of the box and bring the bag of pieces home.
The crazy inverted JIGSAW we bought, where we couldn't understand a word

The finished picture, where it was an inverted view of the box

Number 2: Soaps from Manufaktura

Manufaktura is a Czech company specialising in bath products like hand-made soaps. I love these bar soaps as they use only natural products and are good for your body, plus they smell wonderful! My favourite are Beer and Mojito scent. Leave me feeling high all day long!
Beer Soap! Price based on weight, approx 90Kr per wedge. Photo credit to www.bynature.gr

Number 1: Dog Stuff

If you didn't realise it already, citizens of Prague are deeply infatuated with their canine. They bring them everywhere. From cafes to subways & buses, and to the zoo even. You can find a good collection of everything dog related almost anywhere in Prague. Clothes, carriers, many kinds of feeding bowls and what else - treats! If you're in the neighbourhood, check out
Prague's First Doggie Bakery
Address: Štefánikova 18/25, 150 00, Prague 5 (Austria Palace mall)
Phone:+420 257 311 339, +420 602 581 851, +420 602 571 505
If you have a little doggy waiting for you at home, load up your luggage with treats!

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