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Europe 2011 - Day 10,11,12 Dedicated to Munich (Part 3 of 3)

Eating in Munich
Date of Travel: 16-18 April 2011

Of my entire trip in Europe, here in Munich lies my utmost favourite joint. I dedicate this post to only 2 restaurants in Munich, which left such a lasting impression on me.

1. 2ponti Caffe & Bistro
This small joint is located between the Isator Station and Deutsches Museum. It serves fabulous italian pasta and desserts for a very small price. The host is very hospitable, who will try to please you though he doesn't speak much English. I hunger for their pasta and Limone dessert, till today. Their official website is

Set Lunch came with a free salad with balsamic vinegar. Simple and delicious

Set Lunch of Bolognese Spaghetti for €3.95!

Set Lunch with Carbonara Spaghetti

This Limone dessert is the best dessert I have ever had in my entire life. €3.90

Rump Steak Grill - €6.90

Grilled Salmon, also €6.90. Simple, yet straight to the point

2. Hofbräuhaus, Munich
Hofbräuhaus is a brewery that dates back to 1589. It is famous for its beer that inspired even Mozart, who happened to live around the block from the brewery. These beer halls were also used by the Nazis to declare policies and hold parties. With that much history in tow, you gotta soak in the atmosphere here at least once. Today, it is a world-famous beer hall consisting of over 100 tables and a live band to brighten up your drinking spirits. Its official website is at

Crispy Pork Knuckle for €11.50 - better than any you can find in Malaysia

Curiosity led us to this simple wiener sausage dish for €5.90

The world famous beer - minus the alcohol. Ever tried an alcohol-free beer before?

Indoor dining area
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