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Europe 2011 - Day 5 Royal Animals of Prague

Date: 11 April 2011

Note: 100 Czech Koruny (Kr) = RM17.00
Prague Castle, up close

Today's mission is to tackle Prague Castle! Found Tram 22, which is the only tram that takes you to the doorstep of the castle, stop Prazsky Hrad. The fee was 250Kr for full entrance and 150Kr for short visit. I love looking at castles from the outside, but inside is just as bad as museums .... *snore*. It's free if you just wander around the outside of the buildings. The best views of Prague are on the way down from the Castle. You get to see all the red roofs of Lesser Town against the backdrop of the river and Charles' bridge.

Huskies get to visit Castles too??

The Cathedral inside the castle

Red Roof Views of Lesser Town

Charles Bridge from the hill

With that done, where else to go? To the zoo of course! Took tram to Nadrazi Holesovice and had McDonald's lunch here. 109Kr for a pork burger set meal. Bus 112 to the zoo, and 150Kr entrance fee.

There are 2 train lines inside the zoo, blue and red. Buy one way ticket on Blue line for 30Kr and change to the Red line for another 30Kr to get to the savannah area. Then another 30Kr on blue line to get back to the entrance. That's 90Kr to see all without walking. Loved the 2 polar bears here, plus they had penguins, sea lions and Indonesian forest animals. Bigger area than Singapore zoo, done just as nice.

The Prague Tram ride is quite convenient and easy with prepaid tickets

Penguins inside the zoo

2 Very Happy Looking Polar Bears

1 Not So Happy Looking Orang Utan

Dogs are actually allowed into the zoo

Doggy Water Bowl scattered around the zoo

Back to Old Town Square to buy Manufaktura, which is popular for their soaps. Look for a shop called Moser opposite the astronomical clock, and go above Moser on the 1st Floor. They sell Manufaktura too, whee bit cheaper than the official store cos they give 3% discount if paid with cash. Also soaps are weighed at the official store, but here it's flat rate 90kr for example.

For curiosity sake, we found an Apple store on Perlova St carrying Ipad2. Cheapest version is 11700Kr, which is about RM2200, when we pay only RM1499! Cannot buy la. This time around, no more Indian food for dinner. Head to Cafe Louvre, open since 1902, which proudly claims Kafka and Albert Einstein dined here. Our meal consists of pea soup with mashed potato and mint (59Kr), roast beef on cream which was exquisite (169kr) served in a pumpkin like sauce and cranberries. One more Potato Gnocchi with salmon in cream and pesto sauce (159Kr) - Hh's favourite! Whole meal costs only 399kr! Much better than eating dried cardboard roast pork under the hot sun. We are truly pampered Malaysians.

Inside Cafe Louvre, since 1902

Pea soup with mashed potato, 59Kr = RM10. Yummy yummy yummy.

Potato Gnocchi with Salmon in Pesto Cream sauce, 159Kr = RM27. HH's favourite meal in Prague

Roast Beef on Cream, 169Kr = RM29. Absolutely lovely

Taxi back was 125kr. Gave 200Kr, got back 60.50Kr and a laugh + shrug. Sigh

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