Friday, December 16, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 10,11,12 Dedicated to Munich (Part 1 of 3)

Date of Travel: 16-18 April 2011

Sightseeing in Munich
Schloss Nymphenburg Castle - most visited tourist site in Munich

1. Schloss Nymphenburg Castle
This venue is supposedly the most crowded sight in Munich. Took tram 17 that led directly to the front, but be prepared for a long walk through the gardens to get inside. After all, what's a castle without a humongous garden. Very picturesque, but I wasn't into history. Entrance fees are €8.50.
No photos inside the castle - we didn't enter LOL!

2. Deustche Museum
This is by far the best museum I have ever been to across the globe. Very worth the €8.50 entrance fees, and 3 hours spent inside. It is one of the oldest Science and Technology museums in the world. It has 6 storeys filled with life size and replica exhibits.

For food technology, they had real tractors and machines. For travel and aviation, they had real sized helicopters and Boeing and jet planes and full sized ships. And for almost every exhibit, they would cut it horizontally so that you can see how it works inside. Most exhibits have descriptions in English. €2 extra to enter the Planetarium. The gift shop was also fun. To get here, take the S-Bahn to Isator and walk.

Have you ever seen inside a plane chopped in half? Cargo takes up half the space under a plane

3. BMW Plant Tour
When in Germany, you should at least visit one car maker's factory tour. BMW, how can you miss this one. Appointments for this much coveted factory tour is a must, and for summer months, should be done up to 6 months in advance. Info on appointment can be found here:

Our appointment was set at 1430. We took the metro to BMW welt, and wandered around inside before the tour started. Cost was €8 per pax. A lot of BMWs were on display, additionally a lot of Wii games, and other games about knowledge of cars were offered to kids. Plant tour lasted about 2 hours, during which we were guided by a very knowledgeable and passionate guide to walk through the whole process of car making, from molding the steel, welding the steel together with robots, painting, to the assembly line. Towards the end, I asked a stupid question. "If you had a rush job, what is the fastest time you can produce a BMW car from scratch?" The guide looked at me indignantly and replied "It takes exactly 40 hours to make a car from scratch. Each and every car takes 40 hours, there is no such thing as a rush job". HAHAHA you gotta love the Germans' precision on time. He proudly went on to say that BMW makes only 2 identical cars per year! It was an impressive eye-opener experience, a must-go if you haven't been to any plant tour before.

Note: Photography strictly not allowed inside the plant, thus no photos

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