Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Europe 2011 - Day 13 Munich to Paris

Date of travel: 19 April 2011

ICE trains from Munich to Paris, €39 per person

Comfy seats with tray tables for everyone
Having survived the 11-minute train change from Prague to Munich, we decided not to risk it again. Prebook your tickets from and you will have several options for trains from Munich to Paris. ICE trains takes approximately 5hr45mins whereas TGV took 6hr15mins without needing to transfer. We opted for the latter and had a much more enjoyable ride compared to ICE. Good choice seeing how much luggage we had. The doors to the train only opens 20mins before departure. It had tray tables on each seat, and luggage compartment in every coach. Only problem was, the toilets were airplane sized, and it ran out of water!

Upon arrival to Paris Gare de Lest terminal, we had a smooth transfer to Ibis Avenue d'Italie hotel. The luggage weight proved to be a huge burden to us, lugging it 3 flights of stairs up and down the subway. This hotel is a star below that of Ibis Tour Eiffel Cambronne, if u ever had to choose between the 2, pick Cambronne. This hotel was tiny, only 17 rooms per floor, so small and cramp though functional. However, we picked this hotel due to its proximity to the Orly airport.

Directly across the street is a shopping centre called Italie 2 which has Printemps, Carrefour and Mcdonalds as well as many other boutiques, opens from 9am to 8pm, and Carrefour till 10pm. Good for last minute shopping before heading home. Bought Avene creme for RM160 for 3 bottles, when it costs RM90 each back home.
Paris Mcdonald's in Chinatown

Having had too much meat, we went to Paris' Chinatown! Shockingly crowded in most Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, many with long queues. Yet some were totally empty. Prices were reasonable, €6 for a large bowl of pho. It tasted good!

Gigantic bowl of vietnamese pho for €6

A salad to go with the pho

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