Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best of Travel 2011 with CrazyDigest

A summary of the best of 2011 with Crazy Digest

1. Best city to go for sightseeing:
Nominees: Munich, Chiangmai, Paris
Winner of Best city to go for sightseeing: Paris
Paris offers an all-rounded experience of having many sites to visit in a small area, with an easy-to-access transportation network. Rental bicycles are the best!

2. Best single sightseeing spot:
Winner of Best single sightseeing spot: Deutsches Science Museum, Munich
We had 4 hours of great fun in this place. Models are life sizes and split in half for you to see inside.

3. Best transportation network:
Nominee of Best transportation network: Beijing. If it weren't for Labour Day, Beijing is truly easy to move around
Winner of Best transportation network: Paris
Paris has a very easy-to-understand transport map as opposed to Munich for example. Moving around was never a chore. And where else can you pick up a bike from almost every corner and drop it off at any other part of the city, for €1 per day. Truly loved cycling in Paris.

4. Best hotel experience:

Nominees: Hotel NH Muenchen Deutscher Kaiser in Munich, Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi

Winner of Best Hotel Experience: Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Hard Rock Hotel offers many experiences to all walks of life. The pool is fabulous as with all Hard Rock Hotels, and rooms were exceptionally practical. Thumbs up to Hard Rock!

5. Best main meal:
Nominee for Best main meal: Pork Knuckle from Hofbrauhaus, Munich
Nominee for Best main meal: Duck Steak from Chez Marco in Chiangmai
Nominee for Best main meal: Fried bittergourd with eggs from Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant, Penang

Winner of Best main meal: Grilled Salmon with Tagliatelle from Cafe Cambronne, Paris
It was a close call between the nominees, but nothing beats freshly made pasta, and the simplicity of preparation.

6. Best dessert:
Winner of Best dessert: Limone from Cafe 2ponti, Munich.
This dessert won uncontended. Nothing came even close to how decadent it was.

7. Best shopping destination:
Winner of Best shopping destination: Munich
When things are cheap even when they are not on sale, you will fall in love with the city

8. Best new experience:
Winner of Best new experience: Zipline in the forests of Chiangmai

9. Best experience to avoid:
Winner of Best experience to avoid: Getting squashed during Labour Day in Beijing

10. Best value for money holiday destination:
Winner of Best value for money holiday destination: Beijing - cheap and great (if not on Labour Day)

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