Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operation AirAsia 10 cent succeeded

How was your booking experience? Did any of my tips help?

I finally managed to get this at approximately 1.30am. For a public holiday weekend, I'm quite happy. Do or die, I wanted to get the cheapest tickets possible, and refused to pay the convenience fee. Miraculously, Direct Debit worked for me via RHB.
Even with Fuel Surcharge, this is one of the cheapest air tickets to Phuket I've ever gotten


Anonymous said...

My dear friend,
10cent promo start at 8/12/2011(midnight) ..but i was suprise why you manage a booking that confirm on dated 7Dec,2011.

Angie said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are correct, I did not notice that RHB Direct classified it as 7 Dec 2011. But the payment was performed at approximately 1:30am on 8 Dec. Very strange indeed.

Anonymous said...

U made it! Congratulation,