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2007 Company Trip to Korea: Part 1 - Planning

Date of Travel: 21 - 26 Feb 2007

In 2007, my company had it's inaugural company trip, and it was to Korea! This is also the first entry on this blog for a fully organised tour, which is never my style. All of us in the company were given a chance to nominate a destination of our choice, within a RM3000 budget. Our boss then picked a destination he thought was most suitable, and we then sourced for a travel agent to handle our crowd.

We naturally went to the big players at the time, including Reliance, Orange (big competitor to Apple then), and several others. The company my boss found by himself, has remained quite low key to the public as they do mostly company events. I have to say that this was the best organised tour I have ever been on. I've gone on many to China and twice to USA, Korea, HK. This Korea trip had the best food, entertainment and hotels.

The original tour itinerary by Travel Forte. Cost of RM3040 for those departure dates

Prior to the trip, I had to liaise with the agent to arrange the art-work for the banner you see above. Then the contents of itinerary, the contents and artwork of the printed brochure, insurance application, and checking of passports.

It was a great trip, one which lead to my return to Korea for a second trip on my own. We got to see a filming set, a beautiful island, played with snow, played at a theme park, visited a beach, visited a temple, saw a palace, and made kimchi. A truly entertaining trip with superb food. Kudos to Travel Forte.

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