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2007 Company Trip to Korea: Part 2 - Off to Korea

Date of Travel: 21 - 26 Feb 2007

6 Day / 4 Night Company Trip to Seoul

Day 1: Flying on board

Before AirAsia started flying to Korea, most airlines plying the KL - Seoul route will fly at midnight and arrive Seoul in the whee hours of the morning. People like me who cannot sleep on the plane, will end up being a zombie for the rest of the day.
Good Morning to you too. Oh look, who brought a full-sized bedroom pillow along?

Day 2: MBC Studio / Nami Island / Ski Resort
Welcome to Seoul. This 10°C weather greeted us when we exited the airport

We stepped out of the airport to a temperature of approximately 10°C. As with any tour, we were packed into a bus and drove for about an hour before stopping for brunch. Our first meal in Seoul turns out to be the best meal of the entire trip - Mushroom Hotpot. Meals in Seoul are often set for 4 persons, sharing a huge pot. Be it a soup pot, or grill pot or clay pot, it's usually in 4's.

Non-Spicy version of the Mushroom Hotpot. The star attraction was the freshness of the mushroom

In Seoul, they don't out-do each other with 10s of side dishes. A simple 5-type combo at most restaurants

In freezing temperatures, we are thankful for the heated wooden flooring

MBC Studio's Daejanggeum filming set was next. If you haven't seen this very famous 2003 drama before, this whole place would be incredibly boring. But you try to show some interest since it's your first day there and you've got nothing else better to do.
Transported back in time to the 1400s at the filming set of Daejanggeum

Life-sized posters are around to let you absorb the feel of the place

When it gets a bit boring, you can start pertending to cook

Or you can start hitting at the actresses you didn't like

Some might have had too much mushrooms for one day

"Somebody kill me please!"

Spotted in the toilet. May you be choked forever!

Driving yet another hour, we reached what was my favourite place of the whole trip - Nami Island. A very beautiful island in the middle of a pine forest. This is where yet another famous drama series "Winter Sonata" was filmed. Since we were there in winter, we got to see mostly dried leaves. Imagine the wonderful colours of autumn here.

Getting to Nami Island requires a short 10-minute boat ride. That's Xiao Tian, our guide in Korea.

Just a 5 minute drive from Nami Island's jetty, is a restaurant serving Dak-Gal-Bi. Basically chicken and vegetables grilled on a pan at your table, in a very spicy sauce. You may choose to throw in some rice to grill along with the meat, which then turns it into Bi Bim Bap.

Dak-Gal-Bi: Chicken + Vegetables on a grill pan. We added rice

Once again, in a table for 4
After a very heavy meal, we were all stuffed into a bus again and drove for about 3-4 hours to our next destination - the Phoenix Park Ski Resort. A very long and tiring day for someone who didn't sleep a wink on the plane. Adrenaline naturally took over when i set foot on snow for the very first time.

Our room at the Phoenix Park Ski Resort. Thank goodness for the heated floors

It came self-equipped. Oh was that MY PILLOW? Did i really bring a full-sized pillow to Seoul?? What was I thinking??

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