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2007 Company Trip to Korea: Part 3 - From Mountain To Sea

Date of Travel: 21-26 Feb 2007
The view we saw when we woke up this morning - simply breathtaking

Day 3: Skiing!

Today's the day where we all learn skiing for the first time.
It turns out that today is also the last time I will ski again. Ha ha ha.

Full of anticipation on what skiing is all about, we all had bright smiles on our faces on this morning. Parts of our gear were rented at a shop prior to arriving at Phoenix Park Ski Resort. Our guide said they are cheaper here compared to the resort, I unfortunately cannot recall the price. Snow shoes were rented from the resort itself, and unfortunately for me, all the bigger sizes had run out. I was forced to use a smaller shoe size, and tie the laces tighter. Big big mistake of the day.
Fitted up and ready to go!

We all waddled out to the snow, and received a brief training from Xiao Tian. First was to learn how to fall on our butts. Next, the basics are pretty similar to line-skating ... easy peasy, or so I thought. I have ice skated before, and could move around fairly OK. Took me 20 mins of waddling around before I fell on my butt. And i found out that, I could not get up! It was rather embarassing to ask someone to help me up, and that person didn't have enough strength to lift me up either. *blush* Unless I manage to lose 1/3 of my current weight, I ain't going skiing no more.

*ahem* Sliding down the slope on our butts seems much easier

After a quick lunch, it was a slow drive to our next destination: Mount Sorak. It was freaking cold on this particular day as the winds were strong. On this mountain lies a beautiful giant Buddha statue. We were given about 30 minutes to have a look. Some of us went beneath the statue to a beautiful display of lanterns inside. I, as always like to wander on my own, took the cable car ride to the top of Mount Sorak. This is what I saw.

On the way up Seoraksan via cable car

Snow capped peaks at the top, seriously cold

From the snow mountains, to a lower mountain, and finally to the coastline. Yet another 1-2 hour drive away, we arrive at Daepuhang Fish Market for some fresh seafood. For some reason, we didn't quite enjoy the seafood dinner that night, the fish had WAY too many tiny bones.
Cooked Food Stalls at the Daepuhang Fish Market

Dried Seafood to bring home?

Big spider crabs!

This has gotta be the best way to enjoy scallops

Our dinner doesn't look as exciting as the food stalls outside

Tonight's hotel was not too bad as well. It was perched on top of a small hill, within 20 minutes walk of the beach. I was too pooped to bother heading out in the cold, but I believe some of my colleagues drank the night away on the beach. Kudos to them!

I could only see the sea the next morning

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