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Japan 2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 8 (Tokyo - Kichijoji and the best darn steak ever!)

Date of travel: 2-12 Aug 2013

The highlight of Tokyo - eating Matsuzaka Beef at Satou Steak House, Kichijoji
We only had one mission for the day, and that was to visit Kichijoji town for lunch. Kichijoji [吉祥寺] was voted as the most wanted to live in town in the whole of Tokyo! Of course we had to go check it out for ourselves. From our hotel in Shinjuku, the train ride takes only 15 minutes and costs 210¥. We found a great variety of boutiques and stores for the local people, not at all touristy like Shibuya. Unfortunately, it was a seriously hot day and not at all pleasant to walk about. Note to self - never visit Tokyo in Summer again.

Not very English friendly train signs, so you gotta know your destination in Japanese characters

The covered pedestrian mall of Kichijoji

A variety of animals are found on the road

With no mood to shop, we searched for our lunch venue - Satou Steak House. You can't miss it. Or just ask anybody, they'll show you the way. Just look for the super long queue to buy their famous Fried Beef Balls. So why is this shop so famous? Because they sell Matsuzaka Beef. The "Three Big Beefs" of Japan are Matsuzaka Beef, Kobe Beef and Omi Beef. Having already tried Kobe beef in Kobe (which we didn't think was so great), we were excited to taste our second of the three big beefs!

The dining area is so small. 6 chairs by the counter, and 3 tables that seats 2x4x4. Total = 16!

Where can I buy this meat tenderizer??

Set lunch ranges from 1000¥ (RM32) to 10000¥ (RM320). This is 2980¥ (RM96) which has less marble than 10000¥

And this is the 1000¥ set lunch
Having ordered the cheapest and a more expensive set lunch, we were able to taste the differences. I believe both the meats came from the same type. But for 2980¥, the flavour is so deep and sophisticated on so many levels, that it'll leave you Ooh-ing and Aah-ing for more! The 1000¥ was equally good, but on a simpler standard of pleasure. Nonetheless, both left us fully satisfied! Please go early. Only 5 sets of the 1000¥ are sold each day, I don't know why. There was an immense pressure for you to vacate your table, because of the number of eyes watching you in this small space. With only 16 chairs in this restaurant, the first to go should also be the first to leave. No hanging out to chit chat or relaxing with a drink.

After exiting the restaurant, I was really curious about their Fried Beef Balls downstairs, and went to buy one. Overall, nothing spectacular, just pleasant to eat.
Fried Beef Ball for 180¥ (RM6)

Black sesame ice cream with Doraemon's favourite biscuit

Another view of the corner where Satou is
We soon left Kichijoji, and decided to visit the computer geek town of Akihabara. Being IT people ourselves, we thought we'd maybe find something interesting there to see. This brought back many memories for me.
SEGA !! My childhood friend.
But I am apparently not a geek. After just one round at Yodobashi Camera, we left Akihabara within 30 minutes. Again I stress, it was a hot day! We decided to head back to the hotel, but got lured into visiting Times Square in Shinjuku along the way. Air conditioning wasn't that powerful either. So we had pasta for dinner at a restaurant inside. Cost was 980¥ for a set meal, but add 150¥ for extra pasta. Sounded like a good deal!! - Only if it tasted nice. HAHAHA sorry, pasta in this place was bad.

980¥ + 150¥ for extra pasta, total 1130¥ (RM36)

So creamy. Carbonara isn't supposed to have cream at all.
One good thing did come out of this. There was a sale in Takashimaya for Japanese noodles. I bought a huge pack of noodles and sauce home, and it tasted wonderful! One ahjummah recommended which items to buy, and how to cook them. Wish I had bought more, I eat them for breakfast on some days, just 3 minutes to cook.

McD breakfast of BigMac 280¥, Quarter Pounder 380¥
Uniqlo shorts 1280¥ Shirt 760¥
Kichijoji beef 1000¥+2980¥
Beef tonkatsu ball 180¥
Ice cream 420¥
Takashimaya Dinner Pasta 1130¥x2
Udon+sauce 1663¥
Bic Camera water filter 13507¥

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