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Japan 2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 10 Final (Shibuya)

Date of Travel: 2-12 Aug 2013

Shopping in Shibuya
Today is our final day in Tokyo, but our flight is at night so we have a whole day ahead of us. We checked out of the hotel first, and left our bags with them. First stop, was Shibuya. Everyone says it's a very touristy place, and we left this to the very last. Unfortunately for me, I really really love Shibuya! Firstly, we had to find food. When in Tokyo, this is a MUST EAT for me. Tonkatsu, i.e. deep fried pork cutlets. The most famous Tonkatsu is called Maisen, They have many branches all over, but since we're heading to Shibuya anyway, we picked the Shibuya branch at Hikarie 6th Floor.
We got there at 11:30am, and no queue. After we were done, lines started forming

Best darn pork cutlet ever! You gotta eat here!!! 1580¥ for mine (RM51)

Next, we wandered the streets of Shibuya, and found the famous Akita statue. Also here, were many quaint boutiques in a very condensed area. I liked it very much, walking around here felt like we were in a trendy neighbourhood. Even the restaurants looked interesting.
Hello Hachiko!

Do you think he had a samurai sword on his back?

Shopping street at Shibuya

Apparently, food is really good here, unlike Malaysia's Genki Sushi. But too full to try

They say that window displays of food must match EXACTLY what is served to you

This is the famous Shibuya crossing, before everyone started walking
We spent most of our time at a Disney store! Everything was on a huge sale, and brought quite a lot home :)

I don't know which girl-group was performing, but it got these guys to jump up and down in sweltering heat!

The Disney store with oh so cheap goodies!
Again because of the heat, we called it quits and decided to head to the airport early. Although our flight was at 11:45pm, we arrived at the airport at 6:30pm hahaha. But it was a good thing that we did, because the refund counter for our Suica cards closes at 7pm. Then we really scoured the whole area of Haneda airport for 5 hours. Duty free shopping was still open, and we managed to buy loads of Royce Nama Chocolates to bring home. Just add 100¥ for the thermal bag with 1 packet of ice.

Inside Haneda Airport, a giant Pokemon can be seen from far

Many restaurants to choose from, and prices are the same as that in the City

COSTING for Day 10:
Mai Sen Tonkatsu 2100¥+1580¥
Disney iPhone cover 1149¥
Disney towel 999¥
Disney cars 1400¥
Disney pooh 1480¥
Starbucks Frappe 540¥
Doggy snacks 420¥
Sushi dinner 1088¥
Pretz 120¥x6
Wastage fees fr Suica refund 20¥x2
Refund from Suica: -1000¥
Totoro 2pcs 1407¥
Scarf 70% discount 994¥
Phiten 2793¥
Royce 5620¥

Return flight to Haneda: RM1475 for 2 pax
Total Food+Sights+Transport: 224720¥ @ 32.50 = RM7303.40
Grand Total = RM8778.40 for 2 = RM4389 per person

Not bad at all for 10 days in Hokkaido + Tokyo inclusive of everything except shopping.

Total Shopping: 65186¥ @ 32.50 = RM2118.55 (Ahem, too much)

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