Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Japan2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 3 (Furano)

Date of travel: 2-12 Aug 2013

Shikisai-no Oka Farm, Furano

Today is the most scenic day of our trip. Get ready for a lot of photos!

Furano in summer is basically visiting farm after farm after farm, in hopes of capturing the most beautiful of flowers. Some may have lavender, some may have sunflowers, others have fields of colours. It's up to you to choose which farm to visit. We didn't have a specific itinerary like die-hard travelers to this region. We just drove and stopped where we thought looked nice. Our first stop was towards Patchwork Road.

Lavender are almost withering, but I'm still a happy camper

Everything was already harvested. But it still looks great

Next, we dropped by Zeruba-no-Oka Farm, which had a nice tractor ride around the farm.

You can take a tractor ride, or choose one of these!

Our next farm stop was Shikisai-no-Oka Farm, and we finally tasted Lavender ice cream. It was too milky for my liking.

I could finally smell the lavender here

After visiting 3 farms, we have had enough of flowers. We headed North to Asahikawa because HH wanted to visit the Miura Ayako Literature Museum (http://www.hyouten.com/for-visiting). We stopped by the town area first for some Ramen, something well known in Asahikawa. We didn't do any research, and randomly walked into this place, and it was delicious!
The town of Asahikawa seems quite well organised

Inside our random Ramen shop

This entire set for 880¥ (RM28)

This bamboo ramen was 850¥(RM27) and tasted cool for the summer. Nice!

When we arrived the Miura Ayako Literature Museum, I was shocked to find out that it was located inside a forest. Everything was so beautiful there. HH went inside, and I waited outside in the forest. I went to try the toilet which was a hut at the edge of the forest. Being eco-friendly, they swirl your passings with sand woodchips and mix it into the earth underneath. And there was no smell! Thumbs up! Sorry, no photo of the toilet though hahaha
The Miura Ayako Literature Museum - located in the forest

The pathway leading in

Next up, I wanted to visit the Blue Pond. To me, this will probably look like what Jiuzhaigou has to offer, and I think JZG is way too crowded for my liking. The pond was really blue and as pretty as the photos.

We still had some time to kill before dinner, and went up the Furano Ropeway for an aerial view of Furano. Spectacular!
Going up the Furano Ropeway, 1800¥ (RM58) per pax

Though foggy, Furano is truly an interesting place to visit

Before dinner, we found the most orgasmic cheesecake I have ever had in my life. If you are ever in Furano, you MUST pay a visit to Furano Delice. A quaint little cafe very near the Furano Ropeway (but not walking distance). Look it up, you won't regret it!

The best darn cheesecake I have ever had. 370¥(RM12).
They also had a chocolate version that we took away, also very good

Another must-try from Furano Delice, milk pudding for 315¥ (RM10)

Finally it's time for dinner, and we visited a most famous Curry Rice restaurant. Unfortunately, not to our liking.
Doxon Restaurant, full of character

This is where you go to add more curry sauce while saying Ru-RuRuRuRu

The Japanese curry rice. Sorry, I am not a fan of Japanese curry, no matter how good

Hokkaido melon salad, this was good.

That's it folks. All of the above were accomplished in ONE DAY! If you had more time, you could slow down your pace and enjoy it more, but we have a busy schedule tomorrow.

Water 2L 128¥x2
Corn 300¥
Croquette 150¥
Asparagus 350¥
Melon 300¥
Tomato 200¥
Zeruba-no-Oka Farm ride 500¥x2
Shikisai-no-Oka Lavender ice cream 300¥
Bath salt 210¥
Lunch ramen set 880¥
Bamboo ramen 850¥
Parking 300¥ 1 hr
Literature museum 500¥
Rope way 1800¥x2
Furano Delice cheesecake 370¥x2
Furano Delice Milk pudding 315¥
Dinner Doxon Curry Rice w sausage & omelette 1450¥
Salad 600¥

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WoonYien said...

Isit convenient to drive around Furano? Or its easier to take the public transport is there is any?

Angie said...

I can't imagine doing Furano without a car. Yes, it is very easy to drive there and parking is very free too. At first we were thinking of renting bicycles, but thank goodness we didn't. It's so hilly! I have read about Twinkle buses and all that, but honestly, I didn't see any buses when I was there. If budget is not an issue, just rent a car. Seriously!

Without a car, how else are you going to get to the Furano Delice cheesecake shop? That is a MUST MUST GO! :)

Happyshirt said...

pretty! did you stay in Furano? any recomendations and how did you book your car? did it have English GPS?


Angie said...

Hi Happyshirt.
You can refer to my previous post Japan2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 2 (Furano), where I shared details about hotel and car rental. It is a great place to stay for a few days, hope you have fun!

Happyshirt said...

THanks Angie!! appreciate the pointers. unfortunately looks like it has filled up early or has yet to open for bookings. I'll monitor.