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Japan 2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 7 (Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Tokyo)

Date of Travel: 2-12 Aug 2013
Doraemon Waku-Waku Skypark at New Chitose Airport, Sapporo

Today is all about getting ourselves back to Tokyo. A seemingly simple gesture, but a rather tiring one. Directly opposite the Mercure, is the bus stop for the express bus to the New Chitose Airport. Once we arrived, we had great fun at the Sky Park meant for children. It is amazing that the Japanese have utilised the airport as a venue outing for locals. People actually take the train/bus and spend a full day here doing arts and craft, joining in on activities, having meals, and then going home. It's massive and have so many different areas for children to enjoy.

Royce' Chocolate World is more like a museum to show you how their chocolates are made

I thought Easter was in April, but yet bunnies are still popular

A display on the evolution of chocolate wrappers

This is the workshop area where you can make window decorations, keychains and such

Special meals for children
This is what I enjoyed the most - Fresh Calbee potatoes! Hokkaido is immensely proud of their potatoes. I have bought them several times over the past few days, and wish i could buy more. But they surely are expensive! Still, nothing beats having it made fresh for you, only at the airport.
300¥ (RM10) for this heaven in a cup. I also bought some powdered mashed potatoes to bring home

Calbee of everything. Wish I had tried the croquettes though
When we arrived Tokyo, we purchased the NEX+Suica cards which is the most worth it way to get from the Airport to Shinjuku, where we will be staying for 3 nights. After getting a massive discount, we settled for the Ibis Shinjuku Hotel for 31425¥ (RM1021) for 3 nights. It was really conveniently located, as Shinjuku has one of the major transportation hubs in Tokyo. Rooms were claustrophobic, but we had already expected this being in Tokyo. Luggage had to be stowed under the bed for ease of walking.

Hotel Ibis Shinjuku's lobby lounge area

Twin Room for average 10475¥ (RM340) per night
The weather was really really hot in summer. Even at night, one can sweat when just standing out in the open. I wasn't in the mood to do anything, so we just wandered aimlessly around Shinjuku area for the rest of the day.

An Udon noodle chain shop, which we originally tried in Kyoto. Quality here is nowhere near that of Kyoto branch

This isn't the Shibuya crossing yet, but still a whole lot of people

Our take-away dinner for 1737¥ (RM56) - notice the scallops again? I can't get enough of 'em!
Breakfast Matsuya 280¥+580¥
Bus to airport 1000¥x2
Calbee 450¥+300¥
Muji pillow 1330¥x2
NEX+Suica 3500¥x2
Hotel 3 nights: 31425¥
Udon 1060¥
Sashimi fr Odakyu 1737¥
Drinks fr 7-11 506¥
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