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Japan2013: Tokyo + Hokkaido - Day 2 (Furano)

Date of Travel: 2-12 Aug 2013
Furano, Hokkaido with our rented car

We bought the JetStar Asia flight from Narita to Sapporo for 30960¥(RM1006) for return for 2 persons including 2 check-in luggage. From Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko I, there was a train to Narita airport but it required a change of train. We got off at the right train station, but did not know where to go to board the correct train. The same platform services multiple lines, and they were all in Japanese. HH soon got the hang of the train lines, and guessing Japanese words. The train ride was a realization what's to come in terms of transport around Tokyo. They have over 20 lines of metro. Shinjuku train station has over 40 platforms. That is another story for another day.

There were many delays that day due to an air-show at Hokkaido. Flights were grounded, and then there was a queue to depart and land. So it was a delay of about 1.5 hours. When we landed at Sapporo airport, we headed to the Nissan counter for our rental car for 3 days. I pre-booked it from http://www2.tocoo.jp/en to get a neat discount. 13125¥(RM426) for a Nissan March for 48 hours. From the Nissan counter, you will be guided to board a bus to the actual Nissan outlet nearby, where you will pickup your car.

From hereon, is a 3 hour drive to Furano which turned out to be very stressful for me. The maximum speed limit is 70km/h on highways. When it goes to smaller towns, it becomes 50km/h, sometimes even 40km/h. On highways, most of the roads are a single carriage. Which means, no overtaking allowed! Having read that fines are heavy here, we follow strictly to 70km/h. HOWEVER, there is constantly a long queue of cars behind me. Everyone here drives at 90km/h and above, but I am still obliged to follow 70km/h. Do you know how stressful that can be??

A typical rest-stop for toilet break

Having a GPS with the car was neat, if you have the Japan map-code or tel number of your destination

Beware of foxes and deer on the road. We really did see a deer crossing!

Over 10 tunnels we had to cross

Upon exiting the highway, it was around 5pm and I was hungry. We spotted this and had a fun time at this family day event.

Finally we arrived at our hotel in Furano, Hotel Edel Warme for 6000¥(RM195) per night, cheap and decent. We drove past many farms and their flowers, but we were too tired to stop.

The arrows are helpful when driving in snow, to indicate the side of the road

Furano seems to be in valley, and becomes a popular ski area in winter

This is the winter ski resort road

Our cosy little room in Hotel Edel Warme, 6000¥(RM195) per night without breakfast

Finally, we headed out for a very enjoyable dinner at a restaurant called Kumagera. It is famous for its beef sashimi, i.e. raw beef slices. Our meal below costs 1980¥ (RM64)

Yes the beef is absolutely raw. 1980¥(RM64) for this bowl. So yummy!

Another famous dish in this region, Furano curry. This time with seafood

1850¥(RM60) for this seafood curry

2 pieces of corn above was 500¥(RM16)!! But it was so worth it! SOOOOO SWEEEEEET!
Costing for Day 2:
Return flight to Sapporo 30960¥
Train to Narita 1560¥x2
Soba at Narita 500¥
Bread bun 126¥
Water 2L 125¥
Car rental 13125¥
Toll 1800¥
Family Day snacks 1350¥
Hotel 6000¥x2nights
Dinner Kumagera 4330¥
Dog treats 298¥
Other snacks 420¥

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