Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coming 8 Dec 2011: 10 cent seats on AirAsia (updated)

I was wrong with my predictions on Coming 8 Dec 2011: RM10 seats on AirAsia?

The good news is, it's not RM10 but RM0.10!
The bad news is, they have yet to open the Christmas 2012 travel period.

For those who have yet to try, in conjunction with AirAsia's 10th Anniversary celebration, they will be offering 10 cent seats, i.e. RM0.10 seats for certain destinations. Their teasers claimed it as:

(From AirAsia Facebook Page) 
"Bangkok, Bali, Hanoi, Langkawi, Phuket, Kuching, Hadyai, Penang, Medan and so much more are on sale from RM0.10 onwards!"

SMS received for Citibank-AirAsia card members. Yet another awesome benefit of subscribing

(From SMS for Citibank-AirAsia Credit Card Holders)
"AWESOME Sale! Fly to Bali, SG, Hanoi, Jakarta, Phuket, PG, KK &more from 10sen! Book 8 - 11 Dec. Fly from 1/7 - 27/10/12."

Once again, don't be fooled. RM0.10 is only for very limited seats and very limited destinations. And they work on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. For example, they will allocate the first 0-10% of total number of seats to RM0.10 fare. If currently booked > 10%, then the fare goes to the next bracket example 10%-20% bracket for RM100. Since the seats for travel period 1/7-2012 - 27/10/2012 have already been out for quite awhile, it will be very very very very very hard to get RM0.10 unless it is a very unpopular route.

Don't forget that you need to add all the extras like airport tax, fuel surcharge, convenience fee, etc etc. Happy trying at midnight tonight!

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