Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Booking Cheap Tickets on AirAsia #5

Tip #5: Prepare Your Payment

AirAsia offers 2 major forms of payment for Malaysians:

1) Direct Debit
If you are trying to purchase tickets at midnight, I would advise against using this method because it is an extra complication added to the booking process. The booking page would need to connect to the bank you had selected, wait for you to authorise the payment with your login and password, then hope the bank website will then send the payment confirmation back to AirAsia's page and hope it will refresh the booking. Too many extra steps, when millions of people are actively accessing their website. Also, you need to check if your bank closes their Internet banking facilities after midnight. Overall, not worth the RM8/person/way saved

2) Credit Card
AirAsia charges a convenience fee of RM8 per person per way when paying with credit card. If you had gotten your seats for free, what's another RM8 more. Once again, if you have an account on, you have the option of saving your credit card details as a "1-Click Card". During the booking process, you only need to key in the CVC number located at the signature strip at the back of your card. Also, do double-check if your credit card requires a second step of authorisation, where it transfers you to another page for you to enter yet another password. If possible, choose a card that does not require this.

Once again, pre-save your Payment card into the system, and have the physical card in front of you in case the system cannot retrieve it.

3) As for E-Gift Vouchers, don't even think about using it to buy tickets. You can always use it alter to add baggage and meals etc.

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