Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Booking Cheap Tickets on AirAsia #2

Tip #2: Keep Informed

So how do I know when AirAsia's flights are open for booking? Find out whatever means of communication that AirAsia has with the public, and sign up for it! A basic must is to sign up for an account with AirAsia.com. This is also to keep track of your itineraries, which I will stress on its importance later.

Next up is, find out whatever card AirAsia is affiliated with, and sign up for it! At the time of writing, there is the AirAsia Citibank Mastercard and CIMB Bank AirAsia Savings Account, and the latest BIG Shot loyalty program. What many people may not realise is, that these cards get SMS notifications about deals and launches before the email gets to you. If you aren't online several times a day, SMS would be a necessity.

Another useful signup is with AirAsia's Facebook pages. They have a general one for AirAsia and AirAsiaGo and the latest BIG Shot. Also available are their subsidiaries for certain countries like AirAsiaIndonesia, AirAsiaHK, AirAsiaPhilippines and AirAsiaUK. Make sure that you are a fan of all these pages, as AirAsia tries to be active at these pages and have an excellent Social Media Team behind it. They sometimes reveal upcoming new routes and early bookings. This Social Media Team is also very useful when you get stuck mid-way in your booking and need urgent help at 2am when you're halfway in your Free Seat bookings.

Also of mild importance is to Like persons behind AirAsia.com on Facebook. They include Tony Fernandes and "Mr. X" Azran Osman-Rani. It also never hurts to read their blogs for hints of AirAsia's future directions.

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