Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Northern Lights in Tromso Norway - Day 3 & 4

Date of Travel: 28-31 Jan 2014

Day 3
Today was our second last day of our 16 day holiday. It is coincidentally Chinese New Year eve, where we would normally be having a reunion dinner with family. But 3 of us are so far north in the Arctic Circle, so far away from any family members. So we shall make the best of tonight's celebration.

On the way to the Airport, to pay the parking fine

This is the Airport carpark. It's really really quiet

First mission of the day, is to pay the parking ticket from yesterday. They tell us that we just need to go back to Malaysia, and transfer the amount via Telegraphic Transfer to the said bank account. But we didn't want this ticket hanging over our heads, and wanted it settled. We googled the whole of last night, trying to find the Europark parking ticket office. Apparently, there could be one at the airport. So we drove all the way there, only to find out that there is none. En route to the airport, a police car was following us on a single lane road, when WK was driving again. After a short while, the police car high-beamed us twice. We didn't know what to do, what does high-beam mean? After a short while, beacon siren lights came on! OK don't panic! Let's just pull over, maybe he just wanted to pass. So we did, and thankfully, the police car just zipped past. WK said "HENG AH! If a parking ticket costs RM400, I don't know how much it'll be if I didn't have my drivers license with me" - he had left it at the hotel. Kakakakakakaka!

We were already unnerved after several encounters with the law in Tromso. We decided to spend the day quietly at a shopping centre! So off we went to the biggest one we could find, ICA Supermarket, which is a huge area of buildings holding different types of shops. We came to Jetta central since it housed many individual stores inside. Yes we double-checked that parking was free this time. First thing we did, was to locate the bank cum post office. In the end, they charged us a 75Kr service fee to pay the fine!! The total came to 760 + 75 = 835Kr = RM418!!

836Kr (RM418) for not putting a parking ticket for 2 hours. Sigh.

ICA Supermarket, Tromso. Separate buildings for different stores.

Lasagne for 135Kr + 25% tax = 168.75Kr (RM85)

Pasta Salad for 139Kr + 25% tax = 173.75Kr (RM87)

Carbonara for 129Kr + 25% tax = 161.25Kr (RM80)
Found a pet shop selling Ox Knuckle for 149Kr(RM75) each. One bone costs more than my lunch!

After shopping, we dropped by the Polaria, the world's most northerly aquarium. Why? Because I wanted a Tromso magnet before I left, and this gift shop was the only one we could find hahahaha. I left WK in the car to look after it, we were seriously paranoid about parking by now.

My favourite shot, taken from just outside the Polaria
So, what do we do about dinner tonight? So tired, so paranoid, it's meant to be Chinese New Year reunion dinner... we went to take-away frozen foods from Co-Op Supermarket instead!! Here's what we got. One microwavable container, Thai Chicken Rice, Chinese Noodles, and 4 cuts of salmon, a lemon and a pack of hot chocolate. Total only 226Kr (RM113).

Our Hotel Sydspissen allowed guests the use of their kitchen until 11pm, which included a microwave, and plates and utensils to eat with. Unfortunately (bad luck again) for us, there was a function that night and the kitchen was closed. At least they were kind enough to shift the microwave out for us to still dine at the lobby area. The smell we caused with our Thai Rice, kakakakaka! The salmon and Thai Chicken rice were superb! What a memorable CNY Reunion dinner.

No Northern Lights sighting tonight, so we created our own with an LED torch we bought at the mall today
Expenses for Day 3:
Parking fine = 835Kr
LED Torch = 19Kr
Coke = 15.50Kr
Smash Snack = 10Kr
Lunch = 504Kr
Petrol = 200Kr
Dinner = 226Kr

Day 4
We left the hotel at 5am to begin our long journey home. WK had an earlier flight than us, so we all went together anyway. Tromso - Oslo, Oslo - Qatar, and finally Qatar to KL. A big big thank you to Qatar Airways for upgrading both of us to Business Class on the final leg, where we could finally sleep peacefully. I sat next to a modern middle eastern man who was rather quiet. After seeing HH & I pass things between us, he asked me, "Why don't you go sit with your daughter?". I was too stunned to reply, and refused to talk to him for the entire journey! Hmph!!!!

The grand total for Europe 2014 came to RM9668.30! It was THE trip of a lifetime. 16 Days & 14 Nights across Rome (and Pompeii & Florence), Barcelona, Berlin and Tromso Norway. Could be further reduced if we hadn't gotten a parking fine!

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