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4 Days In Berlin - Day 1

Date of Travel: 25-28 Jan 2014

Day 1

Continuing from my previous post in Barcelona, we decided to visit Berlin because it was a convenient stop on our journey towards Tromso, Norway. Also in my previous post, I had acquired a knee injury on my left knee. HH was really worried that I could no longer walk for the rest of the trip, and she had searched and emailed a contact to rent a wheelchair for me in Berlin. I have always been impressed by the efficiency and precision of Germans. True enough, when we landed, there were several missed calls from that company, and they had emailed a reply saying that they can promptly deliver a wheelchair to our hotel, for our 4 days here, and collect it back from the hotel before we depart. The cost was €50.00 nett for the entire duration. Not bad at all.

Although public transport from the airport to hotel was available, I opted to take a taxi instead due to my bad leg. €40.00 for a metre taxi from Schoenefeld to Suite Novotel at Potsdamer Platz. Oh well! On the day of arrival, the weather was -10°C to -15°C! We did love our hotel. For €62.40/night for a family room with breakfast for 3, it was perfect. It was also very convenient to have the room partition into 2, where we could conveniently change to our winter gear without going to the bathroom. It takes us 15 minutes to put on all our winter wear before heading out LOL!

Suite Novotel at Potsdamer Platz

A family suite with 4 beds for €62.40. There is partition to split the room into 2, for us to change into winter gear.

On the right of the microwave is there the partition is hiding

We walked into any random restaurant across the road for lunch, as it was just too cold! Coming from Barcelona with a weather of 15°C to -15°C, we just wanted to hole up in our room. Lunch was Mexican fare, because we wanted hot soup!

Something we walk pass everyday, but no idea what it is.

Once I saw the road conditions, plus snow everywhere, I told HH not to take the wheelchair. There is no way that they could wheel me around with snow. Miraculously, my leg improved with this cold weather. I believe it acted as a permanent cold compress! In the end, I was very grateful for the cold weather.

After a nap, we went out in the evening to the KaDaWe shopping mall by taking a direct bus. It was so much colder at night! KaDaWe was quite high class, but I managed to pick up 3 jigsaw puzzles there and a super high class nail clipper. The food court upstairs was supposed to be good, but the whole mall was closing at 8:00pm. No problem, we took a train to another restaurant, Augustiner, which turned out to be superb!
At the food court of KaDaWe shopping centre

What the S-Bahn subway station looks like

S-bahn trains

Augustiner Restaurant - they claim to have the best pork knuckle in Germany. I agree! :)

Really good bratwurst & potatoes! €9.50

Really the best pork knuckle I have had so far. €13.50

Potato soup, again excellent but perhaps not warm enough €6.50

Apple strudel for €6.50

Menu at Augustiner

Checkpoint Charlie - Been there, done that!

After leaving the restaurant at close to 10:00pm, nobody knows how cold it was at that point. We waited over 15 minutes for the bus home. Our friend froze!

Expenses for today:
Taxi from airport = €40
Mexican lunch = €38.10
Subway group ticket = €16.20 x 2
3 jigsaw puzzles = €14.99 x 3
Super duper nail clipper = €5.99
Augustiner dinner = €47.80 + €4.20 tip

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