Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sandakan Itinerary - Day 3

Date of Travel: 14-16 Sep 2013

On our last day here, we decided to stay in town area and visit some of the sights on the Sandakan Heritage Trail. Instead of walking, we drove instead :P

First off, breakfast at the third floor of the Central Market located next to Fourpoints hotel. What's famous here is a deep fried pork noodle. I liked the fried noodles instead.

The famous food here.

The unheard of, but I liked it.

We started the heritage trail with St Michael's and All Angels Church. We were surprised to find out that there was a political speech going on inside the church, carried out in Malay. Since it's closed on Mondays, we couldn't get in to have a look.
St Michael's and All Angels Church. Closed on Mondays.

Next, Agnes Keith's House. Quite a nice museum like place.
Agnes Keith's house. Pay RM5 for MyKad holders to enter. No photographs allowed inside.

Right next to Agnes Keith's house, is the English Tea House. Yes we had some drinks here too. Again, don't bother.

Our last stop for this trip, lunch! Seafood Bak Kut Teh is also another favourite here, I guess because they have so much seafood that they don't know what to do with it. Yet again, not my cup of tea! Seafood in bak kut teh??
Bandar Nam Tung has 2 famous bak kut teh shops. Nam Chai was closed on Mondays

So we ended up at Kedai Good Taste instead

The 5 of us ate about 11 bowls of varied seafood and meat

The hotel easily extended our checkout till 2pm, where we had a quick shower and picked up the seafood. Apparently, you do not need to arrive at the airport so early. We got there 1 hr 45 mins before the flight, went through security check, but the immigration counter was not open yet. Just before boarding the plane, they announced that your boarding pass must be chopped by the immigration officer. All of us scrambled to get it done. Also note that, no AirAsia staff checked you for overweight handcarry nor count the number of pieces you have. Life is much simpler here.

Costs per person:
Airfare = RM178
Hotel = RM222.70
Food+Sights+Car+Petrol (RM45 for 220km) = RM274
Total = RM674.70 per person

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