Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sandakan Itinerary - Day 2 Buying Seafood

Date of Travel: 14-16 Sep 2013

The sun rises at around 6:00am. Fourpoints Hotel is located next to the market and I have a good view of the market from my hotel room window. Since I was up at 5am, I watched the boats come in, and they carry baskets of fish onto the dock where they are sold to vendors. Here is the biggest tip for Sandakan - HOW TO BRING SEAFOOD HOME
  1. Bring or buy an Ice Box. A 50cmx30cmx30cm box costs RM9 here. If you're staying at Fourpoints, the shops start selling them near the roundabout later in the day, perhaps 10:00am.
  2. Seafood start selling at about 8:30am until 5:00pm. If you have only 3D/2N here, you need to buy it on Day 2 to give it enough time to freeze.
  3. Have fun shopping for seafood. Seven-star Grouper fish goes for RM20/kg, tiger prawns for RM35-50/kg depending on the size. The super large ones are about RM70/kg.
  4. Bring your filled up ice box back to the Concierge of Fourpoints, and pay him RM15 to store it for you. Collect it back just before you head to the airport. 

These are going for RM70-80/kg

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Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for this review. Been thinking how to bring back seafood actually and we are staying the same hotel as yours. Thank u so much again.