Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sydney 6D/4N Itinerary - Day 5

Date of Travel: 16-21 Aug 2012

Today, we found the place that made our entire trip worthwhile. Currently rated No. 2 on TripAdvisor of ALL attractions in Sydney is the Coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach. The walk is 6km long along the cliffs, and involves a lot of ups and downs, some via stairs, some via ramps. It took us over the recommended 2 hours, mostly due to picture taking (but actually due to our legs giving way). We actually did it in reverse, from Coogee to Bondi and we found out why we should have listened - we faced the sun the entire way. So if you're doing this in the morning, do yourself a favour and start from Bondi Beach.

Though the sun is out, it's actually still winter and the wind is chilly

Many picnic areas, some with BBQ pits

Many dogs put me to shame, they run faster than me! They probably do this daily

Wonder when I would be able to retire here and wake up to this ocean view everyday

This is called Wind Surfing - kakakaka!

This is a swimming club + hotel near Bondi Beach. The sea water literally splashes into the pool every few minutes!
That's quite a lot of people just laying around on a Monday afternoon
Upon arriving at Bondi Beach, we headed to Bondi Junction for some last minute shopping. I managed to get some clothes finally! And the one thing I must do whenever in Australia:

I won $12 !! Bought 3 for A$6.20.
We revisited Fringe Cafe at Newtown and enjoyed the meal again. Such a lovely cafe, wish it were available in KL.

Salmon poached eggs - why can't I make this perfect poached egg?

To end our final night here, we met up with our boss in Chinatown and he brought us to quite an upper class Chinese restaurant and ordered 6 dishes for the 5 of us. I was really surprised that the meal came to about $120 only, for that amount of food. Sorry, no photos from the meal with boss - paiseh to start snapping away! However, here are photos of a mamak we passed by in Chinatown. They literally sell roti canai and curry and all the works.

This is Sydney's Chinatown

There is a long queue for something that looks like Kaya ball @ A$0.30 each
They are smart to put the roti flipper at the glass entrance - reminds me of a zoo attraction

He's actually quite good at it, and I think he's Malaysian

Day 5 Expenses:
Pies from the butcher at Paddington = $14.40
Dog magazine = $7.95
Scratchie $6.2 but won $12 = Gain of $5.80
Clothes = $92.30
Fringe Cafe = $28.50
10 bottles of Placenta Cream (Rebirth brand) = $25+18 = $43
Total = $180.35

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