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Sydney 6D/4N Itinerary - Day 1 & 2 (Part 2)

Date of Travel: 16-21 Aug 2012
Sydney view from Harbourside

After checking in and freshening up, it was time to grab some food! Walking around our hotel area, we found nothing of interest. HH had the inspiration to visit the suburb of Newtown, because there were many book shops there. Newtown is actually what I call a "Student-Area", mainly because the oldest Sydney University is located there. With HH's great navigation skills, we caught the bus outside UTS Sydney and I was so shocked to see that many Asians when we passed by Sydney University. I felt like I was in Hong Kong honestly. This was totally different from my visit in 1997, there were more asians than caucasians! We finally got off at King Street, and strolled past the many book stores there. Many many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants offering set lunches from A$6.90. So cheap. But no, i don't want my first meal to be Asian!

I finally decided on this cafe that didn't look too fancy from the outside. Turns out that this first meal was our favourite restaurant for the trip! It's called Fringe Cafe at 199 King Street. The next picture speaks for itself, and super cheap Rump Steak at only A$13.
Rump Steak for A$13 at Fringe Cafe, Newtown, Sydney
Pesto spaghetti for A$11

Inside Fringe Cafe
It started to rain, and the wind got freakishly cold, so we took a bus back and finally got some much deserved rest - but for only 1 hour, as I was due to meet my high school friend Sheila at 5pm! Oh so tired!
A glimpse of Sydney University from the bus

I haven't seen Sheila since I was 17, so it was great catching up with her. But instead of having a nice place to sit down and catch up, Sheila got us to walk instead! And oh did we walk. From Central train station, we walked and walked and walked whilst chatting along the way. We finally arrived at Darling Harbour and saw it at twilight moment. Cockle bay looked fantastic at night.
Why do they keep walking and walking and walking

You must have guessed that food around Darling Harbour is expensive. So all 3 of us were picky in finding a reasonably priced restaurant. So we walked and walked all over again, and finally settled for guess what? A Japanese restaurant!! You can't blame me, it was really cold and I wanted hot soup.

Wagyu beef Sukiyaki A$17.80

Salmon Salad A$11.80
We settled on McCafe for dessert, and had a hot chocolate for A$4.50. Quite expensive for a McCafe! Guess what? We walked back! Walk and walk again, and stopped by Coles for some grocery (they open till 11:00pm). Bought 10 packets of Arnott's biscuits A$2 each, Arnott's Shapes also A$2, Charlie's smoothie $5, 2 punnets of strawberries for A$4.40.
A$5 for 1 litre of very thick smoothie - HH's favourite

Rent DVD from a vending machine? How does that work?
Day 2 Costs:
Fringe Cafe Lunch = A$24
Japanese Dinner = A$44.90 (for 3 persons)
Grocery at Coles A$36.50
Total = A$105.40 x 3.25 = RM342.55

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