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Sydney 6D/4N Itinerary - Day 4

Date of Travel: 16-21 Aug 2012

Angie, stop procrastinating. It's time to visit the touristy sites of Sydney! Today I am meeting up with my cousin who had just moved to Sydney and was still having a fun time touring around. Our first stop was the ever popular Paddington Markets. I dunno why I wasted so much time going to all the other markets, as this was the only one worth going to. It is located at The Rocks, who can complain with such a lovely backdrop. Plus the items sold here are much more interesting.

Very structured stalls with proper shade from the sun

From Paddington, we had heard of a cafe that boasted a fantastic view of the Sydney harbour, without hurting your wallet. It's called the MCA Cafe. No we did not meet Datuk CSL / LTL / OTK here. MCA is the Museum of Contemporary Arts, 140 George Street. Us 3 idiots passed by MCA unknowingly and had to turn back like idiots looking for No. 140. Head on up to the 4th floor, and this is what you'll see!

View of the Sydney Opera House from MCA Cafe

The food was really yummy, especially the School Prawns - a must order!
School Prawns fried to perfection

A hearty pumpkin soup

Lamb Burger which was another favourite
We dropped by our cousin's place for a quick visit, and to see how the suburbs of Sydney are like. She lives in Waverton which is just north of Sydney, but it's so much different from the town area. Reminds me a lot of my place in Perth a long time ago.
This is Waverton Station - and yes this photo was taken in 2012

Just to be sure, yes this is still Waverton Station from the outside

Being on holiday makes you do crazy things like hugging a tree

Typical brick house that doesn't require paint

This is my cousin's home from the outside, it's a townhouse containing 9 units (or thereabouts)

The door on the left is the entrance to the unit - with an unwanted bodyguard
We then headed off to Chatswood which is even farther north of Waverton, and is the farthest north we can go using our MyMulti 1 pass. Err - is this Chinatown? Why do I only see Chinese? The shopping here was nice, the type of suburb shopping I like to do. Not too flashy names, with decent prices. We walked, and we walked, and we walked again. So tired that we did not bother much about finding good restaurants anymore. I ended up taking away Vietnamese Rice Boxes, to picnic at Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. Due to getting lost with the public bus system again, we did not make it to Mrs. Macquarie's Chair unfortunately, but we found a really beautiful St James Cathedral, where we had our picnic.

St James Cathedral at night

After such a long day, we still had the energy for one more round - dessert! What looked to be an interesting cafe from the outside, turned out to be mediocre in taste.
MSM Cafe (First MCA, now MSM - this time run by Koreans)

Red Velvet Cake - Just ok?

Hot Chocolate which wasn't very nice at all

Walking back, we saw the Sydney Tower Eye. No we did not pay A$26 to go up, are you mad??
Expenses for Day 4:

My Ring = $20
Magnets = $5
Helly Hansen Shorts $39 (after 70% discount)
Fish oil pills $10.00 (note to self, buy more next time - so cheap!!)
2 bottles of Wine = $15 + $19
Coke 2.0L = $3.8
Safety vest for cycling = $4x2
Decadent Biscuit = A$3.75x3 (only available in K-Mart, always must bring home)
Belgian Choc Block = $2
MCA Cafe = $57 for 3 persons
Burrito at food court = $7.95
Vietnamese Lunch Box = $4 x 3
Cake and hot choc at MSM = $18.70
Total $228.70

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