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Japan 2012: Osaka 4D/3N Itinerary - Day 8

Date of Travel: 8-11 April 2012

Thank goodness for cherry blossoms. Otherwise, we wouldn't know what to do in Osaka. Today's mission was to find a way to transport the bicycle home. It did not come with a box, so I can't check it in. And I also cannot just wheel the bike to the airport. So we set out looking for a bicycle bag. Yodobashi Umeda offered quite a good selection of bike accessories, and we picked up a pretty cheap bag for the bike. We also needed a spanner to detach the bike pedals. You see, bringing a bike home isn't that easy after all.

Once that was settled, we had no idea what to do. Wandering around aimlessly, we somehow ended up at the tourist information centre. They pointed us to an area called Temmabashi where the sakura is blossoming right now. It was really blooming, all the trees along the paths in the parks are full with sakura. People with bento boxes were sitting under the trees chatting drinking eating. Even dogs have come out to enjoy Sakura. It was a jovial mood everywhere, people's eyes brightened up when they saw the sakura  trees. It even leads you to do crazy stuff.
Temmabashi, Osaka. The cherry blossoms line the river

Many stalls selling snacks and full meals

Trees are on both sides of the river

What's this? Booking on the 9th April at 7pm for this tree!

And the cordoned off area for the booked spot!

After a walk in the park, we were tired of carrying bags etc and went to Daiso in search of snack tongs and packing material for the bike. On the way home, we had a nostalgic moment when we passed by a signboard for the Keihan train that goes all the way to Kyoto. We saw names like Gion, Gojo, Shijicho that we were most familiar with in Kyoto. Sigh, why are we wandering aimlessly in Osaka when we had so much more to do in Kyoto. Kyoto was cleaner, calmer, a bit slower. Though people said Kyoto is expensive for everything, I think the public transport in Osaka costs more. We could get to most places in Kyoto by bus, but Osaka needs subway.

Our paella at Massa Restaurant, Fraser Residence Nankai

Dinner at Massa Spanish restaurant at our hotel for their paella promotion. It turned out to be quite average. We went to Bic Camera in search of umbrella holder but it is expensive at 2470¥ approximately. Bought foldable pedals instead. It was drizzling so we went to the 100yen sushi shop that we wanted to go the night before, the food was slightly below average. The 130yen sushi shop won hands down. Back to hotel to pack bike.

As you can see, it was a day where we did nonsense. So anti-climax and a waste of time. I was determined to make Day 9 much better! Stay tuned.

Subway umeda ¥230x2
Yodobashi bike bag ¥2470
Bike lights ¥2000 per set front back x2
Spanner ¥630
Subway to Temmabashi ¥200x2
Lunch ¥1100
Daiso ¥630
Keihan train ¥150x2
Yodoyabashi to Namba ¥200x2
McD burger ¥280
Dinner ¥1580
Meiji Collagen ¥1580x2
Bic camera bike pedals ¥1510x2
105yen sushi ¥675

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