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Japan2012: Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in Kyoto - Part 1

When we first got back, everyone was eager to know - "How was your trip?!". Since I got asked that so often, I wrote a brief summary of our trip. The immediate next question commonly asked was, "Anything good to eat there??". Food has become an integral part of anyone's holiday, such that it's important enough for me to write first and foremost about food!

1. Macchaya, Kyoto
This restaurant was conveniently located at a building very nearby our hostel. We walk pass it everyday, and browse the signboards at the Ground floor. We have no clue which board is for which restaurant, nor what the board says, nor do we know what they sell. The building has 5 storeys and 1 basement. Due to the cold night, we took a chance and went into this building. It was also by luck that I hit the 4th floor button and we arrived at what we now know is a well-known restaurant in Kyoto!
Locate Sukiya, enter the door on the left and go up the lift to the 4th floor

Upon exiting the lift, this is what you will see

This is the shoe cupboard with a lock

Luck was on our side again, as here were only 2 unreserved tables remaining - they literally turned away walk-in guests after us. After removing your shoes and storing them in a cupboard, we were given an English menu without any pictures. We asked the waiter to recommend something, and he pointed at a different menu entirely in Japanese, and all we could see was the price of 2500¥ per person. Since he recommended it, fine let's give it a go!
This was the English menu provided, along with the Japanese menu with pictures

Here's the recommended menu. 3500¥ for the left, and 2500¥ for the right. We chose the right menu
It turned out to be an exciting and very very filling 6-course meal! Since we were so happy with the menu, I gladly wrote a translation for the waiter in order to show future English speaking customers on what it is. Anyone who can read Japanese, please be so kind to translate the left menu for us. I will let the photos do the talking.

1st course - Appetizers. The green pate at the back, and duck in front were super yummy

2nd course - Salad with some citrus dressing

3rd course - A plate of raw chicken and pork, with some pumpkin, carrot and brinjal

Six spices to choose from. Our favourite was the Okinawa Salt on the top left. I hunted for this all over Kyoto+Osaka, found it selling for 1500¥ per bag. Regret not buying the salt home haha.

Have fun grilling the meats on the hot plate

4th course - A hotpot of pork and loads of onions

Once cooked, add this eggwhite-looking mixture into the pot
5th course - Ramen to cook in the same hotpot

The waiter will add more soup. The texture of this ramen was really different and bouncy

6th course - Green Tea ice cream. It was the best green tea ice cream I have ever had.

The restaurant has 3 branches. You can get further info from these 2 websites:
http://macchaya.jp - Their official website
http://r.gnavi.co.jp/k919807/lang/cn/map - This link even has a coupon for you to print out

Reservations are highly recommended! A note of caution, it is compulsory to order 1 drink per person. Almost every drink is priced at 380¥ per glass - whether it's beer, sake, whiskey, coke, juice or oolong tea, all same price.

Macchaya Kyoto, Kyoto Tower Branch
Intersection of Karasuma and Shichijo Road
Bouquet Garni Building, 4th Floor
TEL 075-361-0033
Opening hours: 5:00pm - midnight, Closed on Sundays
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