Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preparation for battle!

- by angie -

There's only 3 days left till the hunt! A simple check revealed that one of my competitors is a member of Powerman Malaysia, and participates in marathons and triathlons! So I have been jogging for the past 2 days, with 3 days left, can I turn into a Powerwoman??

To prepare ourselves, this is what I managed to get, thanks to Chong.

These are questions we have sent to the organisers:
1. Do you require both participants to be able to drive?
2. Can you provide 2 single rooms for those can't share a twin room?
3. In cases of car breakdown, will replacement be given?
4. Can we use phone/laptop or call friends for support?
5. Are we needed at night, can we work or check email at night?
6. Are we allowed to use handphones for colleagues to contact us for work?
7. Will T-shirts be provided for the whole journey, 1 pc per day only?
8. Are we allowed to bring our own books & maps?
9. Do we have to pack light or can bring any comfort items like pillows?
10. Can we bring more than 1 pair of shoes along, in case its muddy
11. Can we bring own medicines
12. Is one cameraman going to follow per car
13. Is the cameraman going to sit in the front seat? I'll get dizzy behind
14. Can we prepare sweets and chocolates for the entire 5 days?
15. Are we required to do activities at night in amazing race style?
16. Do we need swimwear like goggles
17. What kind of clothes/shoes to bring
18. Are we allowed to bring Smart TAG for toll?
19. Are we allowed to bring touch and go card?
20. Do we need to bring money for the entire trip, if so, how much?
21. Can we bring a GPS device with map
22. Can we bring umbrella and/or raincoats
23. Will we be given petrol card, or how to pump petrol?
24. Can we pump shell/bhp/petronas if there is no mobil/esso nearby?
25. Is there an option if a team is physically unable to perform the challenge?
26. Will all teams be required to compete till the end, or will teams
be eliminated and can go home early?
27. What physical requirements are required? Example if someone were
to have a dislocated shoulder, he/she cannot hang from a bar

What a pampered lot we are!

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