Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Horrors of being filmed

- by angie -

Monday 17/3.
We were the first team to arrive at the studio in Technology Park Malaysia. I didn't know what to expect, and came in office attire. I forgot to brush my hair that day, and had pimples all over my face. We were both sweaty after brisk walking 15 minutes to the studio near my office.

We were brought into the studio and had a look at some of the questions they were about to ask. Before we knew it, the cameras were rolling, no mirrors for me to check how I looked, no comb/brush in sight, no makeup, nothing. After stummering thorough some answers, we had to do very ridiculous poses and come up with a team name on the spot. So who are we?

We're team Papaya!! Why?
Teams who hunt often are known as regulars.
So Papaya keeps you regular.... ya ka ka ka!


Anonymous said...

I'll try my best to help you & hh be more famous by promoting your blog to others we know. :) Hope yr & bk's teams will take 1st & 2nd prizes!!! If u have to eat anything yucky, it's worth to skip the task & take the penalty, not worth risking with yr sensitive stomach. pig engineer 2. :)

Go Papaya!!!
Go Just the 2 of us!!!

karen said...

Does your boss & colleagues know about this??? Hahhaahhaha! :) U guys are gonna be famous!!!